Hausman Round Lake Lawsuit Documents

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This part of the website is under development and we anticipate much more information being posted here because of the huge amount of documents/photos/legal information that RLPOA has acquired concerning the "Round Lake Lawsuit".  

Hausman Donation Agreement Copyright Assignment

More Hausman Water Level Documents

1941 Public Service Commission Order (PSC)

General Information (PDF Documents)

Hausman letter offering donation to Sawyer County
1941 Public Service Commission (PSC) Order
Hausman Amended Complaint
Sawyer County Petition
Letter to WDNR/Dallam 6/25/03 concerning water control structures
NN culverts and high water
Barr Engineering Report (high resolution); (low resolution)| Copyright Assignment
Barr County Highway NN and Round Lake Flood Analysis: (high resolution); (low resolution)
Barr County Highway NN and Round Lake Flood Analysis HEC-1:  high resolution-part one 25 MB, part two 29 MB; low resolution 22 MB PDF.
Carthel Engineering Report December 2002
Dam Classification Letter
Aartila Letter 2/9/2005 concerning Sawyer County Petition
Round Lake Information & History
Round Lake level Datum Conversion

Depositions (PDF documents)-Preliminary  Rough Drafts.
Dallam subpoena and follow up letter
Hausman Deposition 1/19/05
Montgomery Engineering Deposition 6/17/05
Nancy Dent Barr Engineering Deposition: 6/21/05| 1/18/05|
Jeffrey Lee of Barr Engineering Ecologist & Limnologist Deposition 1/18/05
Philip B. Solseng Vice President Barr Engineering Deposition 1/17/05
Carthel Engineering Deposition- part one; Volume 2
Harrington Engineering Deposition 8/3/04
Dale Olson Sawyer County Conservationist Deposition 5/25/05
Kris Mayberry Sawyer County Clerk Deposition 5/26/05
Hal Helwig Sawyer County Board Deposition 5/23/05
Frank Romnies Wisconsin DOT Deposition Prior Sawyer County Board Member 5/26/05
Suhsen Sawyer County Board member Deposition
Dieckman (Sawyer County Corporate Designee) Deposition 5/22/05
Mike Kruger Sawyer County Forest Administrator Deposition 5/25/2005
Dave Kafura DNR Deposition: part one| 5/24/05
Frank Dallam DNR Deposition 7/7/04
Todd Nass DNR Wildlife Biologist Deposition 7/7/04
Al Reinemann Round Lake Board and resident Deposition (edited) 2005 

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