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Free & required for PDF documents. More Water Level Information| Hausman Sawyer Co. Lawsuit settlement from Sawyer Co. Record July 2005 PDF 273 KB.

The following PDF documents have been generously provided with the permission of Mr. Jim Hausman.  Except for "History of Round Lake" authored by Jim Hausman all the other documents were authored by his attorney Lauren Azar.  Thank You Mr. Hausman!  RLPOA Inc. is putting these documents on their website for informational purposes and like all such documents we do not endorse or verify the accuracy of the contents. 

Hausman Lawsuit Information History of Round Lake authored by Jim Hausman 105KB

The following documents are authored by Attorney Lauren  Azar:

Round Lake elevations explained by Barr Engineering.
History of all Water Control Structures 358 KB
Round Lake Level Timeline 27 KB
Lake Level of Little Round Lake Timeline 20 KB
Highway NN Control Structures Timeline 35 KB
Tiger Cat Timeline 47 KB
Level of Squaw Lake Timeline 25 KB
North Drainage Anderson Channel 64 KB
Highway B Control Structures Timeline 36 KB
Carlson Road Control Structures 84 KB
Squaw Creek from Squaw Lake to Cty Hwy NN Timeline 31 KB
Montgomery Deposition 3.3 MB
Round Lake Management Meeting Information|

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