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MILFOIL INFESTATIONS: Please contact the following two board members or current treatment applicator:

Tim Chisser 715-634-7971 or; Dan Kollodge 651-714-1340 or  are the RLPOA Board Members in charge of milfoil and water quality.  Tom Connell (current treatment applicator) 715-558-1739 or 715-634-0534

Volunteer reporting worksheet

Milfoil information cards:  Eurasian Water Milfoil & Northern Water Milfoil (good kind)

Flowering Rush: Photo| Info|

Swimmers Itch Info from Sawyer County Record June 2012

Swimmer's Itch article Sawyer County Record July 2013

Swimmers Itch PDF 22KB

Round Lake Core Sedimentation Study  PDF 586KB


11/25/2014:  Round Lake Aquatic Plant Management Plan 2015 to 2019 (draft)

Round Lake invasive treatment permit.

Little Round Lake invasive treatment permit.


All 2013 Milfoil Information


08/05/2013:  Treatment Contract with Northern Environmental Compliance Inc.
08/05/2013:  Little Round Milfoil treatment done.  Big Round treated 7/15 to 7/20/13.
07/22/2013:  Milfoil treated on Round Lake 7/15, 7/16, 7/18, 7/20 (early AM) except Schoolhouse Bay which will be treated this week.  Little Round will be treated in early August.  Follow-up post treatment survey will be in August. Swimming areas and treatment sites close to shore posted as required. 
07/11/2013:  Milfoil chemical treatment expected to start July 15, 2013 depending on conditions.
06/27/2013:  Proposed chemical milfoil treatment tentatively planned for July 8-10 and/or July 15-17, 2013.  2,4-D Fact sheet| Riparian notification letter| 2013 Treatment Plan Information
05/01/2013:  Maki/Connell milfoil surveys August 28, 2012: Leder/Schoolhouse Bays| Round/Little Round
03/25/2013:  WDNR does not approve RLPOA AIS (milfoil) 2013 to 2015 Grant Application.  List of Grants approved and denied.
02/01/2013:  2013-15 Aquatic Invasive Species Grant Application and proposed Budget.  Not yet approved by WDNR.


07/10/2012:  Potential Blue Green Algae warning from Sawyer County Record.
06/09/2012:  Big & Little Round Lakes treated for milfoil middle of last week.  First year more effective chemical used on Big Round Lake because of successful "test" last year on Little Round Lake.  Treatment Map.  Total cost about $20,000.
05/07/2012:  Round & Little Round milfoil treatment map for spring 2012.
03/04/2012:  Little Round Milfoil Presentation Needs Adobe Acrobat Reader X
01/14/2012:  Volunteer hours and boat usage reporting for milfoil/invasive species WDNR Grant needed ASAP.  Reporting information| Optional form
01/09/2012:  Minnesota "All boats will face DNR roadside checks" from Startribune 1/7/12.



07/10/2011:  Milfoil Treatment Review| July 2011 Milfoil Maps: Little Round| Round NE| Round NW| Round SE| Round SW
06/16/2011:  Info on chemicals used to treat milfoil.
06/09/2011:  2011 milfoil treatment maps: Little Round| Round NE| Round NW| Round SE| Round SW


08/31/2010:  Little Round Milfoil summary by Dan Tyrolt.

07/29/2010:  Milfoil treatment followup survey.

Round & Little Round herbicide milfoil treatment scheduled for 06/25/2010.

Milfoil Treatment Public Notice late June 2010 & Contract Proposal (final cost $12,814)

2010 Milfoil Treatment maps: for late June 2010 herbicide treatment (200lbs/acre):  Round & Little Round.

May 2010: 50% grant for $57,900 approved for next three years - total about $115,000.

RLPOA 2010 Aquatic Invasive Species Grant Application information submitted August 1, 2009:
DNR grant cover letter
RLPOA AIS grant resolution
Grant budget for next 3 years
AIS DNR project rating
Aquatic Invasive Species Control Grant (3.2MB)

2009 Milfoil Summary
2009 Preliminary fall treatment map.
2009 Final Milfoil Treatment cost.
2009 Milfoil treatment GPS coordinates: Round Lake & Little Round Lake
2009 Final Milfoil Treatment Maps:  North Round| South Round| Little Round
2009 Proposed Milfoil Treatment Maps.  Round Lake| Little Round
2009 Milfoil Treatment Applications.  Round Lake| Little Round


Al Reinemann constructed: New fish cribs| Old fish cribs| RLPOA Pontoon

MN DNR zebra mussel warning.

WDNR favorable response to Round Lake APM 12/2008

Public Notice|  Letter to Round Lake residents  October 30, 2008

Eurasian Milfoil Fall 2008 acreage excel file

Milfoil Maps September 2008| Milfoil September 2008 Consultant Opinion

Round Lake Aquatic Plant Management Study - public review

Aquatic Plant Management Study October 2008

Preliminary Milfoil Plant Management Goals

June 2008 Milfoil Treatment Information

Round Lake Core Sedimentation Study  PDF 586KB

Phosphorus "Enemy of the Lake"

Star Tribune Article about milfoil January 2008 Second milfoil article


Haromony Environmental Milfoil/Vegetation Study Letter 5/07.  341 PDF KB

Eurasian Milfoil Information PDF 114 KB| Contact Kristine Maki Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator for Sawyer County for info or if you find milfoil in Round Lake at 715-634-6463or email: 

Invasive Species Websites:|||

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