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12/29/2015:  Round Lake elevation 1346.325 at Carlson Dam 12/29/2015 about one foot high and growing beaver dams up stream from Highway NN still significantly obstructing outflow.
12/28/2015:  Thin ice finally covers all of Big Round Lake
09/12/2015:  Round lake rises above 1346' late summer.
06/04/2015:  Round Lake water level 1346.26' at Carlson Dam.  About a foot above "authorized level.  Minimal outflow due to obstructing beaver dams upstream of NN at about 1346+/-.
06/04/2015:  Famous Dave demo almost done: photo 1| photo 2| photo 3
05/03/2015:  Water temperature about 54 degrees.
05/01/2015:  Lake elevation still a fraction under 1346.0 with minimal flow thru Carlson Dam due to downstream beaver dams above Highway NN.
04/24/2015:  Famous Dave Restaurant Demolition: photo 1| photo 2
04/12/2015:  ICE OUT 99%+ on Big Round.
04/04/2015:  New Beaver dam upstream of NN with 2+/- foot drop: photo 1|photo 2| photo 3| photo 4|photo 5 This beaver dam now main control of Round Lake at about 1346+/-.
04/04/2015:  Most upstream original beaver dam is now essentially swamped: photo 1| photo 2| photo 3| photo 4| photo 5| photo 6
04/04/2015:  Largest beaver dam immediately upstream of NN is still open in the middle and not controlling Round Lake water level: photo1| photo 2| photo 3| photo 4| photo 5
04/04/2015:  Ice out will most likely be "early" this year. Photo April 4, 2015
04/04/2015:  Famous Dave article from Sawyer County Record.
02/14/2015:  2014 area precipitation data:  excel file| PDF

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