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12/26/2007:  Flood Plain Zoning Ordinance approved by Sawyer co. Board.  Record Article
12/26/2007:  Two men charged for Round Lake Fire Station Burlary.  Sawyer Co. Record Article
12/26/2007:  Osprey  Lake Development approved by committee.  Sawyer Co. Record Article
12/24/2007:  Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, & Happy Holidays from RLPOA.
12/23/2007:  9:15AM Moderate snow storm on Round Lake - up to 12"+ of snow expected.
12/23/2007:  Snow Mobile trails are marked on Big Round, Little Round & Richardson Bay-Trail Conditions.
12/16/2007:  Round Lake watershed applications to DNR by Sawyer County Record.
12/15/2007:  Land & Water Conservation Committee Minutes and when will boards be put in dam.
12/13/2007:  402 paid RLPOA members for 2007-A NEW RECORD!
12/08/2007:  -18 degrees Fahrenheit last night on south shore of Round Lake.
12/07/2007:  As of 12/07/2007 paid membership is 398 for 2007.
12/03/2007:  as of 11/26/07 paid membership is 394 for 2007 - a record.
12/02/2007:  Big Round Lake almost frozen over and 6"+ snowstorm.  Moreland Road Photo
11/27/2007:  Sawyer County Lakes Forum Website.
11/27/2007:  Little Round & Richardson Bay covered with ice.
11/25/2007:  Sawyer County applies for permits for Round Lake projects.
11/14/2007:  Latest Sawyer County Record article on Round Lake.
11/13/2007:  Sawyer County Board votes to apply to WDNR to modify/replace 1941 PSC Order, to repair/replace The Carlson Road Bridge, and to lower and add a third culvert at Highway NN.  Placid Diversion Canal abandonment previously applied for.  Sawyer Co. Board does not commit to any of these projects - applying for permits only.
11/12/2007:  RLPOA now has 382 paid members and still counting (ties record)
11/10/2007:  Opinion and Analysis of what has happened concerning Round Lake Management Options.
11/09/2007:  RLPOA now has 372 paid members and still counting (record is 381)
11/08/2007:  Round Lake Task Force Meeting Summary.  By RLPOA Sawyer Co Record | Frank DallamWDNR Water Regulations & Zoning Engineer says he needs to be enlightened about how following 1941 PSC Order (even Partially) would lower flood levels. This bureaucrat/official is the one who approves flood levels and here is the answer Opinion & Analysis
11/08/2007:  The LCO Tribe and Navigable Waters.
11/07/2007:  Ice starting to form around lake edges last couple of nights. 
11/06/2007:  RLPOA Engineering data shows how to lower Round Lake flood levels by 1.0'+ and appears to be more comprehensive than incomplete Sawyer County bought & paid for SEH reports.  Half of SEH flood levels were retracted raising questions about all of their work.  RLPOA Engineering Little Round outflow information|  RLPOA Engineering Datum and Discharge graphs| RLPOA Engineering Lake elevations.  $195,000 RLPOA Engineering Reports have withstood the test of lawyers, insurance companies, multiple depositions, other Sawyer County engineers and the legal system.  Relatively cheap County bought SEH limited reports not tested and almost half of the work (flood levels) was retracted in May of 2007.
11/06/2007:  Land & Water Conservation Committee Meeting Minutes Nov. 2, 2007.  $175,000 set aside for potential Little Round Lake Dam project.
11/05/2007:  Sawyer County has built all of the existing non compliant water control structures affecting Round Lake and has engineering reports that show how to comply with the 1941 PSC Order and correct the problems.  Responsible County corrective action would lower 100 year flood levels (Sawyer County has Engineering Report showing how mcuh) thus protecting the ecology/shoreline of the lake and preserving property values.  WDNR not meeting their obligations concerning 1941 PSC Order, flood levels and navigable water obstructions causing public damage.
11/05/2007:  LCO Tribe and US government should be required to obtain easements from Round/Little Round & Osprey Lake Homeowners if they block removal of beaver dams upstream of Highway NN because they are obstructing public navigable waterway and raising flood levels upstream.  US Department of Interior owns the land in trust for LCO Tribe where the beaver dams are located upstream of Highway NN.  This blockage of removing beaver dams most likely not legal and is inconsistent with public rights concerning navigable waters.
11/02/2007:  Latest SEH Engineering Report.    RLPOA WEBSITE OPINION:  This reports conclusions may protect Round Lake system from low water (depending on management-same as current dam) and will not significantly increase protection for Round Lake from high water.  This report also keeps artificially high flood levels on Round Lake adversely affecting property values and is not compliant with authorized water level range and outflow rates.  Sawyer Co Record
11/01/2007:  Round Lake Watershed Study Group Meeting 11/08/2007 1PM Courthouse.
11/01/2007:  364 RLPOA Paid members so far this year and counting-approaching record.
10/24/2007:  Round Lake resident comments on public boat landing deteriorating from low water.
10/21/2007:  RLPOA (Al Reinemann) designs interim dam boards (18" high) for existing Carlson Road Dam that satisfy "inconsistent/illogical WDNR statements on minimum flow requirements.
10/19/2007:  Another 2"+ of soaking rain over last couple of days and still raining.  Water still not flowing thru Carlson Dam.  Water level still below what it was last fall.
10/19/2007:  Growing Water Level Defense Fund will allow RLPOA engineering consultants to evaluate SEH work due on 11/01/2007.
10/13/2007:  David A. Andersen former RLPOA Board member passed away 10/10/2007.
10/12/2007:  WDNR still has no explanation for why they approved new flood levels on Round/Little Round/Osprey Lakes based on non-permitted Highway NN culverts.  It is our opinion that this is a basic admission by WDNR non response that our analysis of the  WDNR/Dallam flood levels is correct.  They should not have been approved and they are being used to undermine responsible Round Lake water level management options.
10/11/2007:  RLPOA donates $1,500.0 to LCO Tribe to support LCO fish stocking program.  2900# extended walleye stocked into Round Lake in last few weeks-More Photos. Fish come from Northern Aquaculture Demonstration Facility.
10/08/2007:  In our opinion verbal minimum flow misrepresentations by WDNR concerning Round Lake are harming public rights, wetlands, fish, riparian rights, recreational opportunities, property and are inconsistent with historic Round/Little Round stream inflow/outflow history.  Wisconsin Waterway and Wetland Handbook.
10/08/2007:  Milfoil outbreaks reported in multiple spots in SW part of Little Round Lake and Hinton Bay most likely exacerbated by low water conditions supported by DNR and County-by not allowing any effective boards in dam over last two seasons. 
10/08/2007:  Water almost to sill level of dam after 0.5" of rain.  Carlson Dam downstream Carlson Dam upstream| Carlson Dam looking down at sill.  The County is managing Round Lake at 1343.75 feet by not putting boards into the Carlson Dam.  Thus the lake is at the new "normal" level now based on present County management which is 1.0 to 1.25 feet below authorized legal level of 1344.75 to 1345 feet.
10/08/2007:  RLPOA Board agrees to donate $1500.0 to LCO fish stocking program.
10/06/2007:  0.5" of rain over last day make about 10 inch total since 9/19.  More rain coming.
10/03/2007:  Another 1-1.25" of rain over last day but lake still below dam sill.
10/01/2007:  1"+ of rain over last 24 hours.  Lake still a few inches below dam sill-1344 feet.
09/30/2007:  Barr Engineering response to RLPOA engineering questions.  PDF 451 KB
09/27/2007:  Another 1"+ of rain over last few days.
09/26/2007:  Sawyer County Record article on Round Lake and County Board meeting 9/20/07.
09/22/2007:  Another 2+ inches of rain early Friday but lake still several inches below Carlson Dam sill at 1344 feet one foot below the normal elevation of 1345 feet.
09/21/2007:  New WDNR Secretary visits Hayward/Cable and talks to Hal Helwig Sawyer County Board Chairman about Round Lake.
09/21/2007:  Low water photos.
09/20/2007:  More SEH engineering work approved by Sawyer County Board for $12,500 to be completed by 11/1/07.  Will evaluate overall dam feasibility including dam hydraulics, elevation possibilities, and NN culvert modifications. SEH will try to design dam with higher sill and that requires less monitoring-that will keep water in Round Lake longer.  New tainted flood levels based on non permitted NN culverts still being used to restrict management options. LCO adamant about not removing beaver dams and allege that Osprey Lake would fall 2.5 feet if removed.  We believe Osprey Lake would fall only about 1 foot.
09/19/2007:  Sawyer County Board Meeting 9/20/07 6:30 PM at Courthouse-Meeting Notice| Newspaper Info.
09/19/2007:  4 INCHES+ OF RAIN ON ROUND LAKE IN LAST 24 HOURS.  Lake level still several inches below sill of dam (1344 feet) which is an additional one foot below authorized level of 1345 feet.
09/17/2007:  DNR/Dallam arbitrary interpretations and inconsistencies over stream minimum flow requirements not constructive to Round Lake management options.  RLPOA believes legally DNR should only be concerned with minimum flow on the natural northern Little Round Lake Drainage channel (snowmobile trail).  The drainage channel downstream of the Carlson Dam is artificial and there is no apparent stream history there before it was put in unlike the Placid Diversion Channel.  Why is the DNR not concerned with minimum flow for the Placid Diversion Channel  or the Little Round Lake natural northern drainage channel?  The DNR seems to be using minimum flow in an inconsistent and illogical manner to obstruct responsible management options.
09/13/2007:  Shirley Riedmann (Task Force Chairperson) Sawyer County Board  Representative for District 7 again fails to properly recognize Official Round Lake Property Owners Association Board Representatives at The Round Lake Task Force Meeting.  Its the opinion of RLPOA website Administrator that Ms. Riedmann has an acrimonious divisive influence on the process creating a negative distrustful atmosphere.  Both active and/or passive management plans still seem to be options.  DNR & County seem to be using LCO Tribe, minimum flow and flood levels as excuses not to do what is right for responsible Round Lake Mangagement.   Newspaper|
09/13/2007:  Accurate DNR explanations still needed for flood levels and how they can be based on non permitted NN culverts, minimum flow assertions for artificial Carlson Channel, Carlson Dam status (large or small), what dam abandonment really means according to Wisconsin Law, LCO tribal rights on navigable waters, and why the natural northern Little Round Lake drainage channel can be blocked by driveway with undersized culvert etc.  Why doesn't the DNR require easements from Osprey Lake owners because NN culverts are too high?  Why hasn't the DNR made any attempt to enforce the 1941 PSC Order.  Lets see the plat maps that show ownership of property by channel downstream of Carlson Dam.  Lets see the old stream history for the Placid Diversion Canal.
09/13/2007:  Task Force meeting today at Sawyer County Courthouse 1PM.
09/07/2007:  New Flood Level being used to artificially manipulate Round Lake management options and to usurp 1941 PSC Order.  DNR flood level approval on Round/Little Round & Osprey Lakes undermines integrity of Round Lake Task Force.  New SEH/WDNR-Dallam/County flood levels on Round, Little Round, and Osprey Lakes based on undersized "illegally" placed Highway NN culverts (not properly permitted by DNR).  They also ignore the probable illegal obstructions (not code compliant) in the natural Northern Little Round Lake drainage channel.  Letter to DNR USGS map showing Osprey/(Squaw Lake) 2 feet lower then Round Lake.
09/05/2007:  Round Lake Water Level Defense Fund started-PDF 244 KB.
09/05/2007:  Round Lake Task Force Meeting with Sawyer County 1PM at Courthouse on 9/13/07.
08/30/2007:  Sawyer County Record Drought stories:  Round Lake| Forests| General
08/26/2007:  Barr Highway NN & Round Lake Flood Analysis HEC-1: high resolution part one 25MB, part two 29MB; low resolution 22 MB PDF.
08/24/2007:  State Survey/USGS map shows that Osprey Lake/(Squaw) was 2 feet lower then Round Lake in 1970.  USGS Map1| USGS Map2
08/24/2007:  Carlson Dam bridge is most likely not safe.  Some wood is rotting and it is more then 60 years old.  The northwest "wing wall" is being undermined by water. The center beam is crooked.
08/23/2007:  RLPOA response to proposed Sawyer County Floodplain Zoning Ordinance.  RLPOA believes that Round/Little Round/Osprey Lake regional flood levels should be retracted by DNR until Round Lake Management decided.  Anything other then this would be an unfair manipulation.  The flood levels are based on non permitted NN culverts.
08/23/2007:  Whitefish, Grindstone, Little Grindstone, Lac Courte Oreilles, Little Lac Courte Oreilles, and Billy Boy Flowage SEH 100 year regional flood levels retracted by DNR.
08/22/2007:  DNR says that if new Round/Little Round/Osprey Lake flood levels approved (based on non permitted NN culverts) then a new wider dam with higher flow rates at Carlson Road cannot be put in because flood levels will be raised by more then .01 foot on Osprey Lake requiring easements. This may be the scheme the CountyWDNR has concocted to get out of responsible water level management on Round/Little Round Lakes.
08/20/2007:  If your Round/Little Round property basement foundation is less then 5.5 to 6.0 feet above the current lake level today of approximately 1343.3 you may in the new 100 year flood plain and buffer zone with onerous County zoning restrictions and flood plain insurance requirements if your property is sold.  Email James Bassett Zoning Chairman with your comments:
08/19/2007:  Impending new County flood levels on Round Lake will put dozens (100+/- with 2 foot buffer) of properties in the 100 year flood plain with disastrous zoning and financial consequences.  These new County flood levels do not follow the 1941 PSC Order and use the existing non maintained Sawyer County neglected water control system.  They are based on the non permitted NN culverts as one of the main controlling factors.  Barr Engineering Report shows how to lower the 100 year flood level by one foot or more by following current 1941 PSC Order and improving existing water control structures.
08/16/2007:  Public Hearing on Flood Plain at Ramada Inn 1PM August 17.
08/12/2007:  Round Lake lawsuit Information.  Under development.
08/11/2007:  Round Lake Dam Classification Information| Datum Conversion info| Nancy Dent Barr Engineering Deposition| Carthel Engineering Deposition; Volume 2| Dale Olson Deposition County Conservationist| Frank Dallam DNR Deposition| More to come soon.
08/11/2007:  Sawyer County Petition to review Round Lake Order.
08/06/2007:  August 6, 2007 Land & Water Conservation Committee Meeting Impression by RLPOA|  RLPOA engineering request at meeting| Newspaper Article| County authored minutes.
08/04/2007:  The reason the SEH flood levels on Round, Liitle Round & Osprey Lakes are too high is because Sawyer County has not done their job in building and maintaining the pertinent water control structures.  Sawyer County is using the LCO Tribe and beaver dams as their excuse to abrogate their responsibility.
08/03/2007:  Barr Engineering Reports now available for download:  Main Report 29 MB| NN & Flood analysis 38 MBLower resolution downloads available. Copyright Assignment.
08/01/2007:  Task Force recommendation Sawyer County Record articleRLPOA response to Sawyer County Record article| Official RLPOA Plan County Minutes arbitrarily removing important dredging option from RLPOA plan.  Next task force meeting 9/13/07.   
08/01/2007:  Land & Water Conservation Committee Meeting August 6, 2007 9AM.
07/31/2007:  If Carlson Dam sill and floor are removed with County-Dallam/DNR abandonment (+correcting NN culverts) then Round Lake could approximately drop up to another 2 feet from today's low level.   Wisconsin law apparently may require removal of dam sill and floor if abandoned.
07/30/2007:  Barr Engineering Report does show how to comply with the 1941 PSC Order and would also lower the excessively high SEH-DNR Regional Flood Levels just approved.
07/30/2007:  Now is the time to dredge the channel downstream of Carlson Dam because it is dry.  This will prevent the sediment from ultimately washing into Osprey Lake and improve the function of the Carlson Dam.  Dredging will not facilitate boats going to Osprey Lake-how would they go thru or over the dam.  Carlson Dam Sediment.
07/30/2007:  DNR forces Township to correct culverts in Polk County.
07/30/2007:  New boater Safety law.
07/26/2007:  RLPOA proposes comprehensive water management plan to Round Lake Task Force.  Plan protects Round Lake ecology, public access and property values from short sighted incompletely studied  County county "passive plan".
07/26/2007:  RLPOA Barr Engineering report superior to SEH Engineering because it complies with current law (1941 PSC Order).  County led Round Lake Task Force biased against Barr Engineering apparently because it shows Sawyer County how to comply with current law.
07/22/2007:  Jim Hausman formally assigns/donates copyright, property rights and title of his Barr Engineering reports, legal documents, and other Round Lake research to RLPOA.  Copyright Transfer.
07/21/2007:  Round Lake Informational Meeting Videos Public Meeting Highlights by RLPOA.
07/17/2007:  Public Informational Meeting Question Summaries by Sawyer County: June 29, 2007| July 6, 2007
07/17/2007:  Round Lake Task Force will meet on July 26, 2007 from 9AM to 12 Noon in the Assembly Room at the Sawyer County Courthouse.
07/16/2007:  RLPOA has IRS 501(3) (c) status and donations may be tax deductible.
07/15/2007:  Flood levels recently approved by DNR based on much lower flow rates then authorized in current law (1941 PSC Order) are being used as the reason why a new wider weir/dam cannot REPLACE the existing Carlson Dam-if beaver dams not removed upstream of Highway NN.  It is our opinion that this is a contrived calculated artificial excuse to deceive the uninformed public and to lead to the false conclusion  justifying their passive management scheme/ABANDONMENT for Round Lake.
07/15/2007:  DNR letter 6/29/07 concerning Placid Diversion Canal from Thomas Aartila.
07/11/2007:  Dave Kafura of DNR quoted by Sawyer Co. Record that a 2006 estimate for ordinary high water mark (OWHM) on Round Lake is between 77.84 to 78.23 feet local datum or 1345.59 to 1345.98 feet.
07/11/2007:  Sawyer Co. Record articles: Public Meetings Placid Diversion Canal Abandonment
07/10/2007:  RLPOA paid membership for 2007 is 265 which is ahead of the 2006 rate at this time| 2006 paid membership=382|  2005 paid membership=341 
07/06/2007:  Correction:  Round Lake elevation at about 1343.7 or 75.95 feet local datum.
07/06/2007:  PUBLIC MEETING:  DNR approves new SEH flood levels for Round Lake watershed that are NOT compatible/consistent with the 1941 PSC order making flood level HIGHER without getting any easements from Round Lake owners.  SEH Round Lake Hydraulic analysis is NOT in compliance with 1941 PSC order.   The 1941 order authorizes much higher flow rates in the channel downstream of the Carlson Dam then are used in the above SEH reports.  This is because Sawyer County has not built or maintained water controls that comply with the 1941 Order.
County has already been successfully sued for not adhering to 1941 PSC Order. 
SEH Bernard Lenz says in part that 1941 PSC order is not realistic because they did not have computers back then and he alleges that the outlet channel from Little Round to Osprey Lake may have never had the higher flow rates authorized by that order!  Opinion-this is not conclusively proven.
SEH was apparently not asked to develop or design a plan to comply with 1941 PSC Order or anything close to it.


RLPOA has averaged over 300 paid members over last 5 years.  We had almost 400 paid members last year (2006).  We receive membership dues the whole calendar year and do a final membership tally at the end of the year.
Round Lake homeowners want continued "active" management of water levels with reasonable protection from both high and low water extremes.  Round Lake owners prefer the lake level to be what it has been on the average over the last 25 years which is probably above the 1941 PSC Order.
Round Lake Property Owners Association expressed preliminary desire to raise 1941 PSC Order by several inches above the currently authorizied 1345 feet or 77.25 feet local datum.  Opinion-would keep new proposed higher level below Ordinary High Water Mark (OHWM).  This may allow the lake to be managed to 1345 feet and still have some leeway when a heavy rain may transiently raise the lake level.


Osprey Lake level historically several feet below what it is now as speculated by Dave Kafura of the DNR based on large submerged white pine stumps in the Little Round outlet channel. 
SEH apparently was not asked to develop or design a plan to comply with 1941 order or anything close to it. 
It is our opinion that County & some in DNR seem to believe leaky beaver dams will be adequate to control Round & Little Round Lakes. 
It is our opinion that management problems on Round Lake system appear to have started 12 years ago.  Dale Olson (County Conservationist) states that he has put boards in Carlson Dam only  a few (about three times) over the last about 12 years.  It is our opinion that this is why we have been having many more late summer/fall extreme low water periods thus eliminating Round Lake storage capacity and ability to comply with minimum flow requirements to our downstream neighbors on a sustained basis.
It appears that DNR, SEH and County do not want to clearly tell the public (or don't know/or have not studied this situation) what will happen to Round Lake if 1941 order is vacated and Carlson Dam is abandoned.  When a dam is abandoned reportedly a "scouring study" is important and this has not been done.
It is reported that Barr Engineering has a plan to competently manage Round & Little Round Lakes.  07/08/07: Hausman will reportedly release copyright on $250,000 Barr Engineering Study to RLPOA only to protect & preserve Round Lake.
It is our opinion that SEH & County appear to have nothing but excuses and that Frank Dallam (DNR Water Regualtions & Zoning Engineer) will approve anything that leads to "passive" management system on Round/Little Round Lakes. 
It is our opinion that Sawyer County verbal claims to impartiality is contradicted by actions by applying for Placid Diversion Canal abandonment and by documented attempts to modify the RLPOA Partner Statement.  SEH Engineering work done not consistent with 1941 order also indicates opposite intent.
It is our opinion that County may have not spent the $98,000 on SEH Engineering wisely-opinion-no clear mission, inconclusive and non compliant with existing law or 1941 PSC order.


Several people commented on lost property tax revenue from Round Lake if active management is officially stopped on Round Lake.  It was made clear that if some homeowners tax bills go down others would have to go up-even those not living on Round Lake. 
Kafura of DNR reaffirms DNR opinion that State of WI has control of all navigable waters and that they can remove obstructing beaver dams after giving proper notice and without trespassing on land.
07/03/2007:  SEH asked if new proposed flood elevations & hydraulic analysis for Round & Osprey Lakes are consistent with apparent higher flow rate legally authorized in the 1941 PSC order for the outlet channel downstream of the existing dam.
07/03/2007:  SEH proposed 100 year flood levels for Round & Osprey Lakes may not comply with higher flow rates authorized in the 1941 PSC order for the outlet channel downstream of the existing dam.  This possibly may make most of the engineering arguments against a new dam now being made inconsistent with current law (1941 order).
07/03/2007:  SEH Bernard Lenz has been asked to explain the apparent inconsistency or miscommunication between his public verbal presentation and his written March 2007 Hydraulic report.  Letter to SEH Lenz.
07/03/2007:  Historic high levels on Round Lake in low 80's(local datum) or about 1350 feet(about 6 feet higher then now) alledegedly due to Sawyer County blocking Highway B without culverts many decades ago.
07/03/2007:  Proposed Public Meeting Questions.
07/03/2007:  Lost 8' by 8' treated wood raft with 4 blue barrels & maroon carpet.  Call 715-305-0084 or 715-207-2055.  Lost & found.
06/30/2007:  SEH says that if Carlson Dam is abandoned that Round Lake will have lower lows and more frequent lows like we have now.  SEH says that at Lake elevation 1345 (high normal) with boards in existing dam at that level the Beaver Dams upstream of NN are not the controlling factor.  SEH says the Beaver Dams are not reliable and leak.  DNR says State of WI controls navigable waters such as Osprey Creek not LCO.
06/28/2007:  RLPOA May 31, 2007 Financial Summary.
06/27/2007:  Barr Engineering according to Mr. Hausman says that a 40 foot wide channel 4' deep downstream of "Carlson Dam" would be needed to keep Round Lake from rising above 1941 order.
06/27/2007:  Round Lake Water Level at Carlson Dam 76.16 or 1343.91 feet.
06/27/2007:  LCO Treaties: 1854| 1855
06/26/2007:  Round Lake Boathouse photo1| photo2 showing low water.
06/21/2007:  Sawyer Co. Record Round Lake Public Meeting article.
06/21/2007:  Analysis of Sawyer County Carlson Dam ManagementWI Public Trust Doctrine.
06/21/2007:  DNR preliminary response to RLPOA opposition to Placid Diversion Canal Abandonment. 
06/16/2007:  Placid Diversion Canal - Sawyer Co. Record article.
06/08/2007:  Beaver Dams upstream of Higway NN do not significantly impact the current or proposed new Carlson Road Dams at levels above 1345 feet which is the upper range of the 1941 PSC Order.  Some at Sawyer County appear to believe that these beaver dams mean a new dam should not be built.  This is misinformation and not supported by SEH Study see page 7 Table 2 More detailed technical response to apparent Sawyer County misinformation/misunderstanding.  These beaver dams help Round & Osprey Lakes during drought/low water times.
06/08/2007:  $100,000 SEH Engineering Study costs was not all for Round Lake!  A large part of this money was spent on FEMA obligated "Billy Boy Dam Failure and Regional Flood Determination of Upstream Lakes" including Round, Little Round, Osprey, Whitefish, Grindstone, Little Grindstone, LCO, Little LCO, Billy Boy, Sand, and Upper Holly Lakes + Osprey Creek.
06/08/2007:  Minimum flow water release could be prolonged/increased with boards in Carlson Dam so that if enough rain fell it could be temporarily saved and released in a controlled slower matter from Round Lake.  Sawyer County by taking out all boards from Carlson Dam is wrong and in fact doing just the opposite of what they claim.  Rain Water will quickly be gone without boards in dam thus hurting long term sustained minimum water flow from Round Lake.
06/08/2007:  $586,000 Hausman lawsuit payment from County was paid in part by insurance.
06/06/2007:  Milfoil Environmental Study letterPDF 341 KB
06/06/2007:  Public Water Level Informational Meetings 6/20/07 at Hayward High School and 7/6/07 at LCO Casino Room A both at 6PM.
06/06/2007:  The County has sent a preliminary application to DNR a few weeks ago to abandon The Placid Diversion Canal.  RLPOA response.
05/31/2007:  Spring 2007 Round the Lake Newsletter.  PDF 666 KB
05/29/2007:  Sawyer County acts to lower Round Lake level-takes out all boards from Carlson Dam today and appears to be purposely violating 1941 PSC Order.  This action will damage long-term sustained minimum flow from Round Lake.
05/29/2007:  Preliminary General Membership Meeting Minutes 5/26/07.
05/29/2007:  Preserve the Peninsula Petition.  PDF 366 KB|  RLPOA support letter.
05/29/2007:  Sawyer County Board Members for Round Lake:  Zietlow| Mizerka| McCoy| Map
05/24/2007:  1.5" of rain 5/23 & 5/24/07-slow soaker.
05/24/2007:  Al Reinemann letter to Sawyer County Record.  PDF 454 KB
05/17/2007:  SEH Engineering reportedly makes presentation to Sawyer County Board favorable for new weir or low water dam in addition to other options.  Summary
05/17/2007:  County Attorney Tom Duffy on behalf of County Board Suprervisor Fred Zietlow has advised RLPOA that elected official Zietlow is not ready to take any position on Round Lake Water Level Issue until all the information is received and reviewed.  It is still the opinion of RLPOA that Board Member Zietlow is not in favor of the RLPOA Water Level position or "active management" particularly after observing him at 3/22/07 Round Lake Management Meeting.
05/17/2007:  Word from LCO Tribe Mic Isham on water level issue.  PDF 278 KB
05/15/2007:  Meeting minutes Land & Water Conservation Committee Meeting May 7, 2007.
05/08/2007:  Land & Water Conservation Committee Meeting on May 7 did not have the SEH Engineer or their dam expert present as promised.  LCO also not present and nothing formal concerning the issue has been received from them.  County seems to be leaning toward Carlson Dam abandonment and vacating the 1941 management order-"Piecemeal" Abandonment gaining favor.  Sawyer Co. Record Article PDF 266 KB
05/05/2007:  Land & Water Conservation Committee meets 9AM on 5/7/07 at Courthouse Assembly Room with SEH Engineers evaluating Round Lake management options.
04/26/2007:  Response to County Minutes of Round Lake Management Meeting April 19, 2007.
04/24/2007:  More Dam Pictures 4/21/07-Carlson Dam/spring melt has raised the lake about 5 inches this spring: Carlson Dam| Dam close-up with debris| Dam Debris downstream| Little Round channel by Osprey Lake.  These pictures show the debris that can quickly accumulate and why the dam will always need ongoing maintenance. During the drought this is beneficial because County is not complying with 1941 PSC order.
04/21/2007:  Round Lake Management Meeting 04/19/07 preliminary summary PDF 32 KB| Word
04/20/2007:  Sawyer County Board Meeting at Courthouse on May 17 6:30PM and will have Round Lake on their agenda.
04/20/2007:  Sawyer County Land & Water Conservation Committee meets at Courthouse May 7 at 9AM and will make their final evaluations concerning Round Lake Water Level Issue.
04/19/2007:  Ice out today on Big Round Lake.
04/19/2007:  Frank Dallam of the Spooner DNR Office indicates his support for the so called passive management plan|  DNR & County oppose putting additional boards into Carlson Dam & the one board present will continue to be several inches below the 1941 PSC order|  May 17, 2007 The Land & Water Conservation Committee will present options to the Sawyer County Board|  Still awaiting water level position from the LCO|  Water Level public meeting scheduled tentatively for July 2007.
04/18/2007:  Water level special mailing PDF 261 KB printer version.
04/18/2007:  Round Lake Management Meeting 9AM 4/19/07 at DNR Office in Hayward.
04/17/2007:  Sawyer County Board unanimously approved up to $2500 (for time & materials) so SEH Engineering could attend the 4/19/07 Round Lake Work Group, May 7 Land & Water Conservation Committee, and May County Board meetings.
04/15/2007:  Placid Diversion Canal Photos.  PDF 1.96 MB| Microsoft Word
04/14/2007:  Pictures by Carlson Dam:  close up| Carlson Dam upstream| Bay upstream of Dam| Downstream of Dam.
04/11/2007:  Sawyer County Land & Water Conservation Committee meeting minutes 4/5/07 - address Round Lake water level, LCO position, SEH Engineering, Lake Placid Dam Abandonment etc. PDF 22 KB
04/06/2007:  Osprey Lake Property Owners' Assoc. opinion of proposed new development.  More opinions
04/03/2007:  The single board in the Carlson Dam now appears to be touching the sill.  With that one board the dam elevation is still about 10 or 11 inches below the 1941 PSC order.
04/03/2007:  Ice out on Richardson Bay and Little Round Lake Marina & Richardson Bay.
04/03/2007:  Wisconsin Association of Lakes annual meeting April 26-28, 2007.
03/31/2007:  Preview of upcoming Special Water Level MailingPDF 70 KB
03/31/2007:  The guage at County B reads 4.55 today.
03/29/2007:  SEH recommendation article in Sawyer County Record.  PDF 460 KB
03/29/2007:  Fred Zietlow is Sawyer County Board of Director Representative for District 5 which includes the south & SW part of Round Lake, Little Round Lake and most of Osprey Lake.  Mr. Zietlow is on the Land & Water Conservation Committee which is studying Round Lake.  He is NOT in favor of the RLPOA Water Level Position or this organization.  His phone# is 715-634-3919 and his mailing address is: PO Box 13324; Hayward, WI 54843.  Please let Mr. Zietlow know any concerns or questions.  Summary of phone conversation with Mr. Zietlow and anaylsis.  Opinion/Editorial
03/28/2007:  The board in the Carlson Dam does not go to the bottom of the sill and is wedged up a few inches by a small piece of wood. Photo.
03/28/2007:  Little Round Lake Pictures upstream of dam and east end.  Upstream of Dam| East Little Round photo 1 & photo 2.
03/26/2007:  Map of Sawyer County Board of Supervisors that represent Round Lake.
03/25/2007:  Round Lake Management Meeting on 3/22/2007 Summary. PDF 24 KB| Next meeting  4/19/2007 9AM to 12 Noon at Hayward DNR Office.  More Info
03/25/2007:  Little Round Lake "drainage" photos: Carlson Road Dam| Upstream of Dam| East Little Round Lake Drainage blocked by driveway off Thunderbird Road| Downstream of East Drainage blockageMore Info
03/23/2007:  SEH Hydraulic Controls Evaluation March 2007.  PDF 16.3MB| Larger dam (about 20-30') or "weir recommended to replace the existing Carlson Road Little Round Lake Dam.
03/23/2007:  County agrees not to put altered or incomplete RLPOA Partner Statement into Round Lake Chain Management Plan Document.  RLPOA is going to rewrite their Partner Statement based on new SEH Engineering Report.  The so called passive management plan may be losing favor.
03/21/2007:  A single board has reportedly been placed into the Carlson Road Little Round Lake Dam-the first time a board has been placed into the dam in years. Photo1| Photo2
03/17/2007:  Sawyer County Land & Water Conservation Department refuses to put our Partner Statement into the Round Lake Chain Management Plan Document because it disagrees with their predetermined conclusion to completely abandon Round Lake.
03/17/2007:  Next Round Lake Management Meeting on 3/22/2007 at Hayward DNR office at 9AM.
03/14/2007:  RLPOA official "Partner" statement to be inserted into Round Lake Chain Management Plan DocumentMore Info.
03/03/2007:  Biggest storm of season brings well over a foot of snow to Round Lake with large drifts from high winds.  Hayward schools closed Thursday and Friday March 1st and 2nd.
02/24/2007:  Sawyer County Board on 2/15/07 votes to apply to DNR to begin the process of abandoning the dam and diversion channel between Lake Placid and Round Lake.
02/08/2007:  New RLPOA forum.
02/04/2007:  -28 degrees Fahrenheit on Round Lake.
02/04/2007:  Testing a new RLPOA Forum.
02/03/2007:  -21 degrees Fahrenheit on Round Lake.
02/01/2007:  SEH Engineering Study presented at Round Lake Management Meeting 1/25/07.  SEH Engineering Study PDF 3.3 MB SEH Engineering  Report using power point 46.5 MB.
02/01/2007:  Sawyer County Record article on Round Lake Management Meeting on 1/25/07.  PDF 208 KB.
01/25/2007:  Next Round Lake Management Meeting on 3/22/07 or 3/29/07 at DNR Office at 9 AM.
01/25/2007:  Round Lake Chain Management Plan presented at meeting on 1/25/07-recommends passive system.  PDF 940 KB| Meeting Summary PDF 16 KBMore Info.
01/25/2007:  Wisconsin Dam Regulations.  PDF 88 KB
01/22/2007:  New RLPOA website search page.
01/22/2007:  Review: Hausman Sawyer Co Lawsuit settlement from Sawyer Co. Record July 2005 PDF 273 KB.
01/21/2007:  Famous Dave Fly In postponed till 1/28/2007 because of snow. Photo
01/20/2007:  John Otterlei (Treasurer) of Edina, MN and Tom Kintzinger (Vice President/Secretary) of Hayward, WI have been elected by the RLPOA Board to replace Bill Whitlock and Dave Andersen resigning Board Members.  Thank you Bill & Dave for your many years of service to RLPOA and good luck for your future endeavors.
01/19/2007:  Snowmobile trails marked on Big Round Lake.
01/16/2007:  Preliminary Round Lake Management Plan (subject to change) to be presented on 1/25/07 recommends passive water level management and changing the Little Round Lake Dam order to reflect this management-see page 38 or 44 PDF 959KBMore Info.
01/16/2007:  -18 degrees Fahrenheit on Round Lake.
01/13/2007:  Little Round Lake snowmobile trails marked in last couple of days.  Photo
01/07/2007:  Famous Dave Annual Fly In 01/21/2007.  PDF 235KB
01/07/2007:  Round Lake still not marked safe for snowmobiles.
01/04/2007:  Neighborhood Watch Reminder by RLPOA member Sue K. PDF 10KB
01/01/2007:  3.5  inches of snow bring in the New Year on Round Lake.  Photo1| Photo2  Moreland Road.

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