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12/20/2008:  Happy Holidays from RLPOA
12/20/2008:  Big Round Lake snowmobile trails staked.
12/20/2008:  WDNR favorable response to Round Lake APM (Aquatic Plant Management Study).
12/19/2008:  Little Round & Richardson Bay staked for snowmobiles.
12/11/2008:  Sawyer Co. Record: DNR update to County.
12/11/2008:  Big Round Lake has thin layer of ice.
12/07/2008:  Sawyer County Record Round Lake & Placid Canal article.
11/27/2008:  Happy Thanksgiving from RLPOA
11/22/2008:  Little Round & Richardson Bay frozen over.
11/04/2008:  RLPOA Fall 2008 Newsletter|  Eurasian Milfoil Letter
10/30/2008:  Public Notice|  Letter to Round Lake residents
10/27/2008:  Grimh Dam by Radisson harbinger to what can happen to Round Lake.
10/16/2008:  Milfoil Maps September 2008| Milfoil September 2008 consultant opinion| Excel file with milfoil acreage fall 2008
10/10/2008:  Round Lake Aquatic Plant Management Study - public review.
10/03/2008:  RLPOA 10/04/2008 General Membership Meeting Minutes| BOD Minutes
09/27/2008:  RLPOA BOD Minutes 09/24/2008.
09/14/2008:  New Peninsula Road turnaround.
09/01/2008:  Preliminary Board of Director Meeting Minutes August 27, 2008.
08/28/2008:  Preliminary Milfoil Plant Management Goals. 
08/28/2008:  Terry Kingston RLPOA Board member reports that WDNR will not allow fall chemical milfoil treatments because of native plant damage.
08/11/2008:  2008 RLPOA membership reminder.
07/20/2008:  RLPOA certified audit results.
06/25/2008:  Lost boat keys in red floater "Thomas Marie Birchwood Wisconsin: - Call 558-1315
06/22/2008:  RLPOA General Membership Meeting Minutes (Preliminary)| Milfoil treatment information
06/12/2008:  Riedmann appears to accuse "website" of being possible Round Lake Dam Culprit in Sawyer County Record.  RLPOA says this website is not involved but we do support Round Lake being at levels authorized by 1941 PSC Order.  Current County Round Lake  management is violating 1941 PSC Order.  County appears to overreact and highly publicizes Carlson Dam "incident".  RLPOA still has hope that County will make better good faith effort to follow 1941 PSC Order lake levels.
06/12/2008:  Almost 3" of rain on Round Lake.
06/07/2008:  WDNR Fishing & Boating Regulations.
06/06/2008:  "Authorities" continue to ignore/violate 1941 PSC Order by removing reportedly welded metal plates/boards from Carlson Dam and Round Lake level is again falling below legal levels.  Addendum June 13, 2008:  At the time of 6/6/08 posting the facts concerning the boards/plates in dam were not definitely known by RLPOA (and still are not) and RLPOA was hoping/assuming that Sawyer County may have actually originally placed the metal plates to partially comply with the 1941 PSC Order.
06/03/2008:  Latest RLPOA Newsletter will be in mail shortly.
05/17/2008:  Board of Director Meeting minutes for April 23, 2008-final and May 17, 2008-preliminary.
05/05/2008:  ICE OUT on Big Round Lake except minimal shoreline ice crystals.
05/05/2008:  Wisconsin Association of Lakes E-Letter
05/03/2008:  ICE OUT on Little Round & Richardson Bay
05/03/2008:  High NW winds, cold, 1"of rain, light snow and shifting ice on Round Lake.  Photo
05/02/2008:  New Pier Rules.
04/29/2008:  Low 20 degree temperatures cause lake to refreeze around edges again.
04/26/2008:  Next Sawyer County Lakes Forum General Membership Meeting at Comfort Suites in Hayward 8:30AM May 10, 2008.
04/25/2008:  Next RLPOA General Membership Meeting tentatively scheduled for June 21, 2008 9AM at Round Lake Town Hall.
04/25/2008:  RLPOA Board authorizes several thousand dollars to treat milfoil this spring.
04/25/2008:  Carlson Dam Photos: boards upstream channel downstream
04/24/2008:  Round Lake & Richardson Bay still almost completely iced over.  County reportedly puts board with "V: notch into Carlson Dam. 
04/20/2008:  Ice out on Round Lake will be late by several days this year.
04/04/2008:  Spring melt begins with two days in 50's followed by winter storm on 4/11 & 4/12/08.
03/31/2008:  Winter storm with high winds/snow returns to Round Lake.
03/14/2008:  County Application status and WDNR response from Sawyer County Record.
03/08/2008:  -20 degrees Fahrenheit.
02/28/2008:  NN culvert and Placid Diversion Canal Permit Information.  June 29, 2007 WDNR letter to RLPOA
02/21/2008:  -23 degrees Fahrenheit
02/20/2008:  -19 degrees Fahrenheit
02/15/2008:  -20 degrees Fahrenheit
02/11/2008:  -23 degrees Fahrenheit
02/10/2008:  -21 degrees Fahrenheit and high winds on Round Lake.
02/07/2008:  Round Lake Core Sedimentation Study PDF 586KB
02/04/2008:  Phosphorus "Enemy of the Lake"
01/31/2008:  Sawyer County NN Culvert Permit Information.  PDF 7.26MB
01/30/2008:  "Low Lake Levels in Northern WI..." by John Lenters from the The Lake Connection winter 2007 (Wisconsin Association of Lakes)
01/26/2008:  Link for Wisconsin Association of Lakes latest newsletter.
01/26/2008:  Osprey Lake "Green" Development approved.
01/21/2008:  RLPOA (preliminary) Engineering Analysis of County New Dam Proposal| Original SEH Report
01/18/2008:  Final RLPOA membership tally for 2008=405 a record.
01/09/2008:  Star Tribune article about milfoil funding Second milfoil article
01/09/2008:  Prior lawsuit documents: Summary Letter to WDNR/Dallam| NN culverts & high water| 1941 PSC Information| Carthel Engineering report Dec. 2002| Letter offering donation to County 2002| More Info

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