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12/05/2009:  Fall 2009 RLPOA Newsletter.
11/19/2009:  WDNR denies RLPOA Aquatic Invasive Species Control Grant application.
10/31/2009:  Sawyer Co. Record on Lake Placid Canal.
10/04/2009:  2"+ of rain last 48 hours.
10/02/2009:  RLPOA Board Meeting Minutes.
09/22/2009:  Round Lake aerial photos 1930's before Tiger Cat Flowage & Placid Diversion Canal.  NE Round Lake| NW Round Lake| SW Round Lake| SE Round Lake.  Photos done by Abrams Aerial Survey Corp.  Higher resolution:  North| NE| SE| SW
09/22/2009:  Placid Diversion Canal/Natural Stream abandonment public notice may be coming soon.
09/02/2009:  Preliminary June 27, 2009 General Membership Meeting minutes.
09/02/2009:  Preliminary fall 2009 milfoil treatment map.
08/29/2009:  Low water information from The Lake Tides.
08/27/2009:  RLPOA proposing second major milfoil treatment this fall in Leder & Schoolhouse Bays.
08/27/2009:  Al Reinemann constructed: New fish cribs| Old fish cribs| RLPOA Pontoon
08/14/2009:  Sawyer County Record Placid Diversion Canal article.
08/09/2009:  RLPOA may get grant money to stock walleye.
08/07/2009:  WDNR approves new synthetic fish crib but RLPOA must put public notice in newspaper for possible public hearing.
08/07/2009:  RLPOA 2009-11 Aquatic Invasive Species Grant Application total $81,596
08/07/2009:  Large milfoil outbreaks on Leder & Schoolhouse bays - RLPOA asks WDNR OK to do maintenance treatment.
08/07/2009:  MN DNR zebra mussel warning information.
06/30/2009:  RLPOA financial summary April 2009
06/30/2009:  2009 final Milfoil treatment maps, GPS coordinates and treatment cost click here.
06/30/2009:  Please contact Dan Tyrolt about milfoil outbreaks 715-634-2353 or cell 715-699-0641 or email
06/30/2009:  Carl Scheider has volunteered to coordinate newsletter.
06/25/2009:  General Membership Meeting this Saturday 6/27/09 9AM Round Lake Town Hall.
06/16/2009:  2009 Spring/Summer Newsletter.
06/10/2009:  RLPOA June 1, 2009 BOD minutes.
06/08/2009:  Steady rain returns to Round Lake 1.5"!
06/02/2009:  RLPOA general membership meeting tentatively scheduled for Saturday June 27, 2009 9AM at Town of Round Lake Town hall.
06/02/2009:  RLPOA receives check from WDNR for $9900.0 for Aquatic Plant Management grant that cost us about $20,000.0.
06/01/2009:  RLPOA signs contract with Northern Aquatic Services for up to $8062.50 to chemically treat maximum of 12.5 acres of milfoil this spring.
05/17/2009:  Low water solution?
05/06/2009:  Round Lake lower then anytime in at least 24 years for spring.
04/25/2009:  2009 Milfoil treatment applications.  Round Lake| Little Round
04/25/2009:  WDNR 2009 milfoil treatment application maps.  Round Lake| Little Round
04/25/2009:  Carlson Dam - no water flowing over dam.  Downstream dry channel.
04/19/2009:  Big Round Lake is open except small amount of ice crystals around edges.
04/14/2009:  Ice out on Richardson Bay & Little Round Lake.
03/20/2009:  New culvert by Thunderbird Road development| culvert| new road by culvert
03/08/2009:  Carlson Dam March 8, 2009

01/16/2009:  -34 degrees Fahrenheit

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