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12/16/2010:  Clarification and correction on Oridinary High Water Mark Round Lake - Sawyer Co. Land & Water Committee Minutes December 9, 2010.
11/23/2010:  Fall RLPOA Newsletter.
11/11/2010:  Martin Hanson Round Lake pictures.
11/11/2010:  October 16, 2010 RLPOA general membership meeting minutes.
11/11/2010:  Sawyer County Record article on TRO settlement & Ordinary High Water Mark (OHWM).
11/09/2010:  Sawyer County Zoning & Conservation Committee minutes.  Ordinary High Water Mark (OHWM) determined by WDNR 77.27 local datum compared to WDNR Kafura determination in 2006 of 77.84 to 78.23 as reported by Sawyer County Record.
11/08/2010:  RLPOA & Sawyer County settlement end TRO lawsuit.
11/01/2010:  Sawyer County Land & Water Committee Minutes concerning Round Lake 10/2010.
11/01/2010:  3.25" of rain between 10/24 to 10/27/10 - lake at or near seasonal high.
10/21/2010:  Placid Diversion Canal Public Informational Hearing Sawyer Co. Record Article.
10/16/2010:  RLPOA General Membership Meeting supports TRO and approves additional legal funding.  Purdin Water control summary.
10/13/2010:  Public Hearing on Placid Diversion Canal Abandonment 10/14/2010 6 to 9 PM Sawyer County Courthouse.
10/13/2010:  Helm family comments on County B & Round Lake Marina dredging.
09/19/2010:  Sawyer County Land & Water Conservation Committee Minutes September 9, 2010.
09/16/2010:  RLPOA offers to work with Sawyer County - Sawyer County Record.
09/15/2010:  2.1" rain!
09/08/2010:  RLPOA general membership meeting October 16, 2010 9AM Town of Round Lake Town Hall.
09/07/2010:  RLPOA President Bob Strachota message to members and General Membership Meeting notice for Oct. 16, 2010.
09/02/2010:  LCO intervenes in RLPOA legal action concerning NN culverts.
09/02/2010:  Sawyer County Record article on Round Lake Narrows dredging.
08/31/2010:  Little Round Milfoil summary by Dan Tyrolt.
08/23/2010:  Machine and hand dredging at Marina & County B.
08/23/2010:  Round The Lake Google Group Forum developed by RLPOA newsletter editor Carl Scheider.
08/22/2010:  Jim Purding & Bill Cadogan are RLPOA Board members in charge of water level issue since June 19, 2010.
08/21/2010:  Lost light blue boat cover for 17' runabout call Bill 920-850-3216.
08/20/2010:  Bob Strachota RLPOA President: "This letter was written by tribal leadership directed at many of the Round Lake property owners.  It helps explain the purpose of the TRO for protecting the rights of Round Lake Property Owners."
08/20/2010:  Dredging to commence soon at Round Lake Marina and under County B bridge.
08/19/2010:  President Strachota response to Sawyer County Record and questions concerning TRO.
08/13/2010:  2.4" rain last 24 hours.  Lake water level now at "new normal" County managed level one foot below 1941 PSC Order.
08/13/2010:  Sawyer Co. Record Article on injunction (TRO) Temporary Restraining Order.
08/08/2010:  RLPOA INFO on Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) Strachota letter to RLPOA| Strachota affidavit| WDNR affidavit| Motion for TRO| Sawyer County Complaint| TRO| Kollodge comments| Tyson comments| Sawyer Co. Record
08/08/2010:  2.3" rain over Saturday night.
07/30/2010:  RLPOA obtains TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER (TRO) against proposed Sawyer County transer of NN culverts to LCO.  RLPOA wants comprehensive Round Lake water management. 
07/29/2010:  Milfoil treatment survey.
07/27/2010:  1.8" rain
07/26/2010:  WDNR 2005 overview letter
07/20/2010:  Sawyer County tries to transfer NN culverts to LCO Tribe outmaneuvering WDNR.  Sawyer Co. Record WDNR letter
06/27/2010:  $12,814 final herbicide milfoil treatment cost for summer of 2010.  Sawyer Co. Record
06/24/2010:  Round & Little Round herbicide milfoil treatment scheduled for 6/25/2010.
06/24/2010:  Round Lake Milfoil Treatment Public Notice & Contract Proposal.
06/23/2010:  0.65" of rain for total of 8.3" since June 6 on south side of Round Lake.
06/21/2010:  1.35" of rain.
06/20/2010:  June 19, 2010 General Membership Meeting minutes - preliminary.  Carl Scheider Newsletter Editor meeting notes.
06/20/2010:  Sawyer Co. Record "Round Lake Management Headaches".
06/20/2010:  Milfoil Treatment maps for 2010:  Round & Little Round.
06/20/2010:  Found paddleboat call 773-203-7796 or email
06/16/2010:  Dredging under Co. B from Sawyer County Record.
06/15/2010:  1.1" of rain.  Lake rising but still very low.
06/11/2010:  1.7" of rain.
06/08/2010:  1.5" of rain.
06/06/2010:  Round Lake Boat Landing invasive species monitors - DNR Grant Funded.  #1| #2
06/06/2010:  2.0 inches of rain over last 2.5 days.
05/18/2010:  WDNR approves $21,000 invasive species grant for 2010.
05/17/2010:  Round Lake Volunteer Fire Department and Chequanegon Lions Club information.
05/14/2010:  Round Lake elevations explained by Barr Engineering.
05/13/2010:  June 19,2010 9AM General Membership Meeting at Round Lake Town Hall.
05/04/2010:  Round Lake Marina reportedly has WDNR approval to dredge by marina and hand shovel under Highway B bridge.
04/29/2010:  Spring 2010 Round The Lake Newsletter.
04/24/2010:  Round Lake elevation 75.47 local datum (normal authorized range 77.0 to 77.25).
04/11/2010:  Sawyer Co. Record article about Placid Canal abandonment & RLPOA response.
04/03/2010:  Ice out 99%+ on Big Round Lake.
03/31/2010:  RLPOA response to proposed Placid Canal/Dam abandonment. Microsoft word unsigned version
03/31/2010:  Ice out on Little Round & Richardson bay.
03/18/2010:  Round Lake at record low this spring for at least last 25 years. 
03/18/2010:  Sawyer County changes plans for NN culverts - Sawyer County Record article.
03/10/2010:  New invasive species grant pending with WDNR.
03/09/2010:  WDNR Placid Canal/Dam mailing to RLPOA.

02/21/2010:  Round Lake update from DNR in Sawyer County Record

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