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12/26/2011:  Snowmobile trails marked on Little Round Lake only for a few days now.
12/20/2011:  Zoning & Conservation Committee moves Round Lake Dam Abandonment forward to finance committee and County Board.  Task 1. voted to move forward November 2011 and confirmed December 2011.
12/17/2011:  Zoning & Conservation Committee Minutes: November 2011| December 2011.
12/17/2011:  Thin ice forming on Big Round again.
12/15/2011:  Warm temperatures and rain break up ice on large parts of Big Round Lake.
12/07/2011:  Lake getting frozen over.
12/04/2011:  4"+ of snow.
11/21/2011:  Barr Engineering January 21, 2008 (hired by RLPOA) raises serious questions (possible discrepancies) about "important" beaver dams upstream of Highway NN.  See item #13 in report.
11/19/2011:  First snow storm with high winds brings a couple of inches of snow with drifting.
11/12/2011:  Placid Diversion Canal closure means about 2.5 to 5 inches less water flowing into Round Lake per year according to Barr Engineering Report  2005 which reports continuous inflow thru canal of 1 to 2 cubic feet per second (cfs).
10/29/2011:  Round Lake elevation 1344.3 based on SEH approximate sill level of 1343.7.  1941 Order normal (1344.75 to 1345).
10/26/2011:  Sawyer Co. Record:  Sawyer Co. Board adopts shoreland ordinance.
10/20/2011:  Sawyer Co. Record:  County seeks permit to replace Little Round Lake Dam.
10/20/2011:  Sawyer County Zoning & Conservation Minutes:  Oct 12, 2011| Sep. 7, 2011
10/19/2011:  Round Lake elevation today is 1344.32 or about 5" below 1941 authorized level based on S E H dam sill elevation of 1343.7.
10/06/2011:  RLPOA Fall Newsletter.
09/18/2011:  Sawyer County Record "Highway NN culverts are lowered"
09/06/2011:  Round Lake at 1344.575 based on dam sill elevation of 1343.7 (SEH Engineering).  Local datum 77=1344.75.  Consequently lake about 2 inches plus below the lower range of 1941 PSC Order (77-77.25).
08/21/2011:  Water level most likely near 1941 PSC Order (1344.75 to 1345).  Round Lake still several inches below historical normal over last 50 years.  Sawyer County removes all boards from dam.
08/18/2011:  Two person inflatable tow behind water toy found in Little Round - call Dan 651-714-1430 or weekend 715-634-0256.
08/13/2011:  RLPOA Fall Meeting September 24, 2011 9AM Round Lake Town Hall.
08/02/2011:  4.0++" of rain overnight/today brings lake level to highest in years and apprximately "normal" +/-!   County B Bridge gauge.
07/28/2011:  Sawyer Co. Record report on NN culverts and Placid Diversion Canal.
07/19/2011:  Storms return Round Lake to seasonal high levels but still below normal by several inches.
07/10/2011:  Milfoil Treatment Review| July 2011 Milfoil Maps: Little Round| Round NE| Round NW| Round SE| Round SW
07/03/2011:  8 by 8 swim raft found week before the 4th.  Green carpet with 4 blue barrels.  Located in Edgewater Bay at Sunrise Condo.  Please come and pick up.  612-801-2546 ask for Dan.
06/24/2011:  Up to 2" rain over last few days - lake at seasonal high but still below normal.
06/16/2011:  Info on chemicals used to treat milfoil.
06/14/2011:  WDNR Notice concerning Boating Enforcement on Round Lake.
06/09/2011:  2011 milfoil treatment maps: Little Round| Round NE| Round NW| Round SE| Round SW| Chemical info
06/09/2011:  Final RLPOA October 16, 2010 meeting minutes.
05/24/2011:  Looking for lost dock boards carried off dock in Fisherman Bay up shore from Pine Cove Shores Complex please contact Marc Jorgensen at 262-2424381 or email at
05/24/2011:  2" of rain Sunday and Monday.
05/03/2011:  Spring 2011 Newsletter - Next RLPOA membership meeting June 4, 2011 Town of Round Lake Hall 9AM.
04/27/2011:  0.75" of precipitation last 24 hours.
04/24/2011:  ICE OUT on Round Lake 99%+
04/20/2011:  RLPOA financials thru February 2011:  pdf or excel 2007
04/17/2011:  Carlson Dam Has water flowing thru it:  photo 1| photo 2| photo 3| photo 4
04/16/2011:  Water level up 4 or 5 inches this spring.
04/16/2011:  Latest Sawyer County water management proposal.
04/15/2011:  Richardson Bay almost all open water & Little Round ice out.
03/23/2011:  One foot plus blizzard.
03/17/2011:  Snowmobile trail markers removed from Round Lake.
02/17/2011:  Sawyer Co. Record:  County Workgroup advises replacing Little Round Lake Dam.
02/11/2011:  -20 degrees Fahrenheit Round Lake.
02/10/2011:  -20 to -30 degrees Fahrenheit Hayward area.
02/09/2011:  Sawyer County Zoning & Conservation Group  Round Lake unofficial  "recommendations".
02/08/2011:  -10 degrees Fahrenheit Round Lake.
01/23/2011:  -20 degrees Fahrenheit Round Lake.
01/19/2011:  -32 degrees Fahrenheit in Hayward area.
01/02/2011:  Round Lake BREAKIN & VANDALISM ALERT -Several theft incidents around Round Lake including Peninsula Road.
01/01/2011:  Happy New Year from RLPOA

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