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12/12/2012:  RLPOA Membership Brief concerning Water Level Issue.  PDF 1.47MB
12/12/2012:  Round & Little Round almost 100% iced over (very thin)
11/21/2012:  County Board votes to rescind 41 Order and replace dam with culvert.  Sawyer Co. Record Article
11/15/2012:  County Board rejects RLPOA compromise.  From Sawyer County Record.
10/27/2012:  Sawyer County postpones decision on Round Lake Dam.  Sawyer County Record Article.
10/18/2012:  Sawyer County Record:  County, Round Lake shoreowners at odds over water
10/18/2012:  Sawyer County Record:  Peninsula Road Burglar sentenced
10/16/2012:  Zoning & Conservation Minutes Oct. 10, 2012 "A written recommendation drafted by the Round Lake Chain Taskforce was submitted to the Committee indicating that the taskforce recommends the replacement of the Carlson Road Bridge, removing the existing dam and replacing it with a concrete box culvert or similar structure and to also request that the DNR rescind the 1941 order."   Motion carried and sent to Sawyer County Board 10/18/2012.
10/07/2012:  Muskies stocked in Round Lake from Sawyer County Record.
10/04/2012:  RLPOA Membership dues to increase February 2, 2013 from $25.0 to $35.0.  Pay now to avoid increase.
09/30/2012:  Lake at lowest level of season.
09/22/2012:  Tom Wolf elected new president of RLPOA for one year term.
09/21/2012:  New Membership form.  Membership information or questions:
09/21/2012:  RLPOA forms new Social Committee - Volunteers needed.  Email:
09/12/2012:  Lake drops below 1941 PSC order.
08/26/2012:  "Experimental weir" reinstalled at Carlson Road Dam.  Lake level recorded to be 1345.23, 1.2 inches below the 1941 Order max of 1345.33.  Boards reworked to conform with the survey work completed by Heart of the North Surveying earlier this year.  The top of the boards is now about 1/2 inch below the 1941 order maximum.  The trapezoidal V-notch is in the left hand bay.    
08/23/2012:  Milfoil shore inspection reports due.  Please email with hours and boat usage.
08/17/2012:  Lake level returns to upper 1941 Order Level based on recent engineering work.
07/10/2012:  Potential Blue Green Algae warning from Sawyer County Record.
06/27/2012:  Water level starting to drop from highest levels in years.
06/27/2012:  Swimmer's Itch information from Sawyer County Record.
06/18/2012:  Water level data thru June 18, 2012.
06/15/2012:  Based on established  survey benchmarks and Sawyer County documents 1941 Order range 1345.08 to 1345.33 NAVD 88.
06/14/2012:  2.2" rain on south side of Round Lake.
06/10/2012:  RLPOA general membership meeting minutes September 24, 2011 Arpil 2012 financials.
06/09/2012:  Big & Little Round Lakes treated for milfoil middle of last week.  First year more effective chemical used on Big Round Lake because of successful "test" last year on Little Round Lake.  Treatment Map.  Total cost about $20,000.
06/08/2012:  Round & Osprey water level data thru June 7, 2012.
06/05/2012:  New Water Level & Rain Data page.
06/05/2012:  Latest Little Round/Round Lake elevaion data.  Preliminary 1941 Order Corrected range 1345.1 to 1345.35.
05/30/2012:  Round Lake Water elevation and rainfall data from April 10 to May 28, 2012.
05/29/2012:  Heavy recent rains (drought busted) bring Round Lake up to what many consider historical normal water levels towards the high range based in part on Ordinary High Water Mark.  Wetlands being replenished.
05/30/2012:  Preliminary experimental weir data from April 10 to May 28, 2012.
05/29/2012:  Heavy recent rains (drought busted) bring Round Lake up to what many consider normal water levels. Wetlands being replenished.
05/29/2012:  Placid Diversion Canal Abandonment proceeds and will eliminate water leakage thru Placid Canal Dam entering Round Lake. McClain Road| Placid Canal Dam area
05/27/2012:  Sawyer County orders "experimental weir" removed from Carlson Dam - reportedly because lake above 1941 PSC Order.  Lake at 1345.47 feet.
05/27/2012:  Another 1.2" of rain overnight.  Widespread reports of water level satisfaction.
05/24/2012:  2.5" rain bring lake level a few inches above 1941 PSC Order or close to normal over last 30 years.
05/24/2012:  Beaver dam that is one of primary controls of Round Lake water level.  Location of beaver dam.
05/07/2012:  Round & Little Round milfoil treatment map for spring 2012.
05/06/2012:  2.5" of rain over last few days.
04/24/2012:  June 9, 2012 9AM Town of Round Lake Town Hall next RLPOA general membership meeting.
03/25/2012:  ICE OUT 99%+ on Big Round Lake.
03/23/2012:  WDNR approves grant proposal to monitor Round Lake system with pictured boards in Carlson Dam.  Cooperative effort involving Sawyer County, WDNR, Osprey Lake Property Owner's Association and RLPOA.
03/23/2012:  Lake level approximately 1344.525 based on SEH average sill elevation of 1343.7.  Count B gauge
03/21/2012:  ICE OUT Little Round 99% & Richardson Bay 85%.
03/04/2012:  Little Round Milfoil Presentation Needs Adobe Acrobat Reader X
02/29/2012:  19" of moderately heavy snow.
02/20/2012:  Zoning & Conservation Committee February 8, 2012 minutes.
01/20/2012:  Deep freeze Round Lake area approaching minus 20 degrees Fahernheit.
01/19/2012: RLPOA water committee presented "draft of alternatives" to Sawyer County water management recommendations inculding simulation of weir dam this coming year.  Minutes of Zoning & Conservation 1/11/12
01/14/2012:  Volunteer hours and boat usage reporting for milfoil/invasive species WDNR Grant needed ASAP.  Reporting information| Optional form
01/09/2012:  Minnesota "All boats will face DNR roadside checks" from Startribune 1/7/12.

01/08/2012:  July 1990 Round The Newsletter discovered.

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