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12/30/2013:  -24 Fahrenheit.
12/14/2013:  Snow mobile trails marked on Round Lake.
11/24/2013:  Flash Back: County Board unanimously approves in 2007 then effectively rejects 13 to 3 in 2012 basically same low water weir "active" management on Round Lake.  2007 Land & Water Conservation Committee recommends $175,000 for potential Little Round Lake Dam project.  OPINION: What happened?  One thing that happened was that this website was asked by RLPOA to not post anything on water issue since mid 2010 unless approved by RLPOA water committee particularly if considered disagreeable to County or in their opinion controversial - the RLPOA policy seemed to be significantly concentrated on lets get along and be civil & respectful. This website did reluctantly comply and in our opinion County concentrated on internal County Board politics without any effective public opposition or concern of adverse repercussions by opposing RLPOA.  This is one of the main reasons that this website is now completely independent & RLPOA is going to get their own official website  The above 180 degrees opposite Sawyer County Board votes show the net result of this RLPOA policy since 2010.  Time and the NN culverts was used to delay and ultimately obviate implementation of first 2007 County board vote by Land & Water/Zoning Committee non elected official.   What about high water protection?  In this website's opinion there does not appear to be any and even at current elevation 1345.63 at Carlson Dam essentially nothing is flowing downstream thru dam which means that there are new downstream obstructions in addition to the historic beaver dam at elevation 1345.3.  As bad as drought was high water in future may even be worse.   Apparently Round Lake will have a future with neither low or high water mitigation efforts.  This website invites all opinions on this and any issue concerning Round Lake.
11/21/2013:  Carlson Dam lake level gauge 1345.63.
11/01/2013:  Watch for new "official" RLPOA website coming soon.
09/16/2013:  Fall RLPOA General Membership meeting at Famous Daves 9AM 10/05/2013.
09/04/2013:  1345.75 lake elevation today at County B bridge.
08/26/2013:  4.5" rain on Big Round South shore and more rain still coming as of 10PM.
08/05/2013:  Little Round Milfoil treatment done.  Big Round treated 7/15 to 7/20/13.
08/02/2013:  RLPOA thanks Jean Hamill & family for $2000.0 donation!  Hamill family statement.
08/02/2013:  RLPOA paid members for 2013 reaches #340.  Paid membership history back to 2007.
07/28/2013:  Swimmer's Itch article Sawyer County Record July 2013
07/22/2013:  Milfoil treated on Round Lake 7/15, 7/16, 7/18, 7/20 (early AM) except Schoolhouse Bay which will be treated this week.  Little Round will be treated in early August.  Follow-up post treatment survey will be in August. Swimming areas and treatment sites close to shore posted as required. 
07/11/2013:  Milfoil chemical treatment expected to start July 15, 2013 depending on conditions.
07/04/2013:  Hello!  We have a black and white cat named Wrigley that went missing on July 3rd in the morning.  He has a red collar with a tag from the vet on it.  We live on Peninsula Road just a few down from the boat launch.  If anyone calls with info, please contact Jennifer at 612-865-6404.  Thanks!
07/02/2013:  Historic Round Lake elevations from SEH 2007 engineering report.  Selection criteria for dates of measurements not certain.
06/27/2013:  Proposed chemical milfoil treatment tentatively planned for July 8-10 and/or July 15-17, 2013.  2,4-D Fact sheet| Riparian notification letter| 2013 Treatment Plan Information
06/21/2013:  Up to 3.5 inches of rain in Round Lake area last 18 hours.  More rain in forecast.
06/12/2013:  Heart of North Survey of primary low water controlling beaver dam.
06/02/2013:  Water level: excel file| PDF
06/01/2013:  Water level elevations thru 06/01/2013: excel file| PDF file
05/16/2013:  This website is independently operated and not the official website of RLPOA or Round Lake Property Owners Association.  We still and always have cooperated with RLPOA when mutually beneficial. 
05/11/2013:  Ice out on Richardson Bay today & Little Round Lake a couple of days ago.
05/02/2013:  Sawyer County Record:  Over one foot of snow
05/02/2013:  July 13, 2013 Picnic: Information| Reservation Form
05/01/2013:  Round Lake fish cribs placed since 2009.  (Black circle on map)
05/01/2013:  Maki/Connell milfoil surveys August 28, 2012: Leder/Schoolhouse Bays| Round/Little Round
04/25/2013:  June 8, 2013 next Round Lake general membership meeting 9AM.  Location TBD
03/25/2013:  WDNR does not approve RLPOA AIS (milfoil) 2013 to 2015 Grant Application.  List of Grants approved and denied.
03/03/2013:  UW Extension Lake Tides Winter Spring 2013.
03/02/2013:  Eau Claire Leader-Telegram article concerning drilling for metals 04/08/1974 Tiger Cat Flowage area.
02/01/2013:  2013-15 Aquatic Invasive Species Grant Application and proposed Budget. Not yet approved by WDNR.
01/28/2013:  Several inches of new snow last night.
01/24/2013:  -20 Farenheit 1/21/13 & -19 Farenheit 1/24/13.
01/14/2013:  Former RLPOA Board member dies in plane crash in Sarasota, FL.  Sawyer County Record Obituary.

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