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12/20/2014:  Round Lake 1346.0 elevation at Carlson Dam.  Gauge| Channel downstream
12/03/2014:  Big Round Lake covered with thin layer of ice.
11/25/2014:  Big Round Lake not quite frozen over yet.
09/01/2014:  About 3.5" rain south side of Round Lake last 60 hours brings lake back up to approximately 1345.875 at Carlson Dam.  Mushrooms everywhere.
08/23/2014:  Lake 1345.765 at Carlson Dam 7PM.
08/22/2014:  Garbage piling up at Linden Road boat landing. 
08/11/2014:  1345.8 lake level at Carlson Dam after 0.6" rain south side of Round Lake this AM.
08/02/2014:  2014 Invasive species treatment permits and maps.  Round| Little Round
07/29/2014:  Lake at 1345.85
07/24/2015:  Round Lake Picnic Saturday August 16, 2014 12:00-2:30 PM.  More info.
07/24/2014:  Round Lake 1345.9 at Carlson Dam.
07/11/2014:  Lake elevation 1346.1 at Carlson Dam (6" below early season peak).
06/15/2014:  Small floating bogs developing on Round Lake in Musky Bay and Edgewater Bay.  photo 1| photo2
06/11/2014:  Sawyer County reportedly removes up to several inches of sand, gravel, debris etc. from underneath Carlson Road Bridge increasing outflow thru dam now that beaver dams downstream are no longer effective.
06/07/2014:  Despite continued rains Lake level rise significantly mitigated by beaver dam degradation upstream of NN. Outflow increased thru Carlson Dam substantially since beaver dam breakdown by several times.
06/04/2014:  Little Round Carlson Dam abandonment and 1941 PSC Order Recession Public Hearing June 13, 2014.
06/04/2014:  2014 Northwest Wisconsin Lakes Conference June 20, 2014 Drummond, WI. More info: word| pdf
05/30/2014:  Possible relevant WI Supreme Court Water/WDNR court decision
05/30/2014:  Both beaver dams upstream of NN are no longer functioning or holding back water.  Dead beaver washes up at NN culverts.  Site of prior beaver dam at 1346+/- substantially broken down.  Before on May 7, 2014.
05/29/2014:  WDNR deer information & wildlife info.
05/29/2014:  Round Lake youth fishing event June 12-14, 2014 Releases.  Release YMH| Release MI |Trophies
05/22/2014:  Beaver/Debris Dam 500 feet upstream of NN much less evident and visible from NN today and it appears to have significantly broken down without any visible hydraulic drop now as seen from NN.  Flow thru NN culverts substantially increased and overtopping the culverts at NN whereas previously only about 60% filled a week ago.  Reportedly both beaver dams upstream of NN essentially gone and a documenting on site inspection will be forthcoming soon.  The marked increase in outflow (at least double) thru NN corroborates above.
05/22/2014:  Reportedly Lake at 1346.6 at Carlson Dam today
05/17/2014:  Lake 1346.47 at Carlson Dam. 
05/12/2014:  More rain 0.75" last 18 hours and Round Lake at 1346.5 slowly approaches 100 year flood level just under 1347'.  Natural outlet by Thunderbird Road has no appreciable flow.  The first beaver/debris dam upstream of NN by several hundred feet has significantly gotten larger and more uniform over last two years.  At least 2'+ drop compared to Carthell reporting a 1' drop back in 2002.  picture  
05/11/2014:  NAVIGATION WARNING:  High water causing a lot of floating debris in open water.
05/09/2014:  Round Lake at Carlson Dam 1346.42 after over 1" of rain overnight.
05/08/2014:  ICE OUT Big Round Lake.
05/07/2014:  Beaver/debris Dam a few hundred feet upstream of NN now significant in controlling Round Lake water level at about 1346+/- level:  Beaver/debris dam| close up| From NN| zoom from NN.  This dam now has about a 2 foot drop.  2002 Engineering description.
05/07/2014:  Round Lake about 1346.3 highest level since 1942 based on information from Round Lake Task Force Meetings.  Historic elevations Carlson Dam Gauge 5/7/14
05/06/2014:  ICE OUT Little Round & Richardson Bay.
04/28/2014:  Carlson Dam gauge| Dam| Dam downstream| dam upstream  Round Lake level today 1346.2-1941 Order top 1345.25
04/25/2014:  Big Round Lake probably still a couple of weeks away from ice out.
03/30/2014:  Flashback - recent Round Lake Ice out dates 5/15/2013, 3/25/12 & 4/24/2011.
03/21/2014:  Preliminary: General Membership Meeting 06/07/2014 9AM 
03/21/2014:  New "official" RLPOA website launches 3/1/14
03/21/2014:  Plans Continue for Little Round Lake Dam Replacement from Sawyer County Record.
01/30/2014:  Area 2013 precipitation totals:  pdf| excel

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