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07/28/2016:  Private legal action temporarily stops Round Lake Carlson Road Dam abandonment and rescission of 1941 PSC Water level order.
06/03/2016:  WDNR approves Little Round Lake Dam abandonment and rescission of 1941 PSC Water Level Order - WDNR Letter 
06/02/2016:  Rains cause Round Lake to rise to 1346.55' - More rains predicted - 100 year flood level just under 1347'
06/02/2016:  Round Lake Property Owners Association (RLPOA) reduces newsletters and meetings to one per year.  RLPOA has no current position on water level stated in recent 2016 spring newsletter or on their website.
06/02/2016:  RLPOA Spring Newsletter and next annual membership meeting information 8/13/16.
05/05/2016:  Round Lake continues at 1346.4' at Carlson Dam causing high waves and shoreline damage.  Beaver dams significantly blocking outflow from lake.  Shoreline damage 4/30/16: photo1| photo2
04/03/2016:  Round Lake about 1346.4 County Highway B gauge about 7 inches below 100 year flood level. 
04/03/2016:  Richardson Bay about 50% open water.


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