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12/29/2006:  Lovejoy Lake Sawyer Co. opinion letter.  PDF 284KB
12/24/2006:  Merry Christmas, Happy New Year & Happy Holidays to all from RLPOA.
12/19/2007:  Next Round Lake Management Meeting 01/25/2007 at 9AM at DNR Office.  Final draft report and preliminary engineering report will be presented.  More Info.
12/19/2006:  2007 Calendar of Events
12/18/2006:  Website maintenance done and all hit counters reset to #1
12/14/2006:  2006 Fall/Winter Round the Lake Newsletter| PDF 874KB pages 1-8| PDF 274KB printer version|
12/14/2006:  Famous Dave's New Year's Eve All American BBQ Feast 12/31/2006 PDF 310KB
12/09/2006:  See new Google Earth Round Lake Maps. Round Lake Area| Round Lake
12/08/2006:  FOUND Last fall about early September 2006 a water ski floating in Round Lake east of Peninsula Road was found.  It is purple and pink and the Round Lake Marina has it.
12/05/2006:  Round Lake completely covered with ice.
11/08/2006:  Hinton Bay Narrows Photo showing low water| Placid/Round Lake Diversion Canal|
11/04/2006:  Sawyer Co. Record Round Lake article 11/01/2006 concerning engineering study| More Info.
10/11/2006:  Round Lake Water Level Continues to go down and Downstream Obstructions PDF 562 KB| More Info|
10/08/2006:  Next Round Lake Management Meeting 10/26/2006|
10/08/2006:  RLPOA Water Level Position established at General Membership Meeting 09/23/2006 PDF 11 KB|
10/07/2006:  RLPOA General Membership Meeting 09/23/2006 Draft Minutes PDF 13 KB|
10/07/2006:  Sawyer Co. Record Round lake Article Index PDF 158 KB|
10/07/2006:  Sawyer Co. Record Round Lake Article 10/04/2006 PDF 242 KB|
10/01/2006:  Richardson Bay channel marker buoys removed.
09/26/2006:  1941 PSC or Public Service Commission Order concerning Round Lake Water Level PDF 318 KB|
09/26/2006:  Carlson Bridge/Dam & Osprey Creek Photos on 09/26/2006 PDF 914 KB| More Info|
09/23/2006:  RLPOA Fall Meeting summary:  Board and about 60+ members in attendance strongly support that the Round Lake water level be managed by an "active system" not passively.  RLPOA believes that Sawyer County should pay for a competent independent engineering study to determine what the normal and minimum/maximum level for Round Lake should be if they want to change the prevailing 1941 PSC governing the water level on Round Lake now.  More info-Carthel Engineering Report 12/04/2002| All water level documents| 7/31/2006 RLPOA Financial Status|
09/01/2006:  Revised RLPOA 06/2402006 Meeting Minutes PDF 25 KB| More Info|
08/31/2006:  Please submit any suggestions on Round Lake Water Level to Board Members.
08/28/2006:  RLPOA Fall Meeting on 09/23/2006 at Round Lake Town Hall at 9AM PDF 90 KB
08/25/2006:  Round Lake Water Level Scales, Flood Elevations & Gauges PDF 14 KB|
08/24/2006:  Next Round Lake Management Meetings are 09/14/2006 (1-4PM) & 09/28/2006 (9-12AM) at DNR Offices in Hayward| More Info|
08/24/2006:  Round Lake Management Meeting 08/24/2006 Minutes PDF 22 KB| Round Lake Water Level Technical Committee Meeting Minutes for June of 2006 PDF 814 KB| More Info|
08/18/2006:  Sawyer Co. Record Round Lake water level article| PDF 216 KB| Round Lake Management Meeting Minutes August 9, 2006 PDF 237 KB| More Info|
08/11/2006:  County seeks removal by LCO of effective dam/snowmobile trail culvert crossing Osprey Creek which is blocking downstream flow of water from Round lake.
08/01/2006:  DROUGHT BUSTED BUT LAKE LEVELS STILL LOW| 2.0" of rain Monday night and Tuesday on Round Lake.  4.5"+ of total rain over last 96 hours.
07/30/2006:  1.0" of additional rain Saturday night and early Sunday.  More storms moving thru area.
07/29/2006:  Next Round Lake Management Meeting August 9, 2006 from 9AM to Noon in Assembly Room Sawyer Co. Courthouse..
07/29/2006:  1.5 to 1.75" of rain Friday night and early Saturday.
07/26/2006:  Invasive Species websites: Wisconsin DNR||  &| Flowering Rush Photo| Info|
07/23/2006:  RLPOA Meeting Minutes June 24, 2006 (Draft) PDF 22 KB| Revised Minutes PDF 25 KB|
07/23/2006:  West Wisconsin Lakes Workshop August 11, 2006 in Rice Lake, WI PDF 113 KB|
07/23/2006:  RLPOA Official Water Level Certificate PDF 9 KB| Water Level Certificate Cover Letter PDF 10 KB|
07/23/2006:  LOW WATER LEVELS IN "CHANNELS" ON ROUND LAKE| At least two large healthy 50#+ muskies died this spring spawning in Round Lake appraently due to rapidly rising water temperatures| More fish cribs will be rebuilt/repaired this summer by volunteer police/fire divers with RLPOA support| RLPOA will write DNR and request them to stop stocking brown and rainbow trout in Round Lake| Feeding waterfowl on Round Lake may increase "Swimmers Itch" in Round Lake|
07/23/2006:  Eurasian Milfoil Information PDF 114 KB| Contact Kristine Make Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator for Sawyer County for info or if you find milfoil in Round Lake at 715-634-6463 or email: 
07/16/2006:  Round Lake Management Meeting on July 20, 2006 cancelled until further notice.
07/10/2006:  Round Lake Management Meeting 06/22/2006 Official Meeting Minutes PDF 14 KB| Next meeting July 20, 2006| More info|
07/04/2006:  Bob & Ruby Comstock Gardens on Comstock Road featured by habitat for Humanity PDF 0.97 MB|
06/27/2006:  DNR aerial photos of Squaw Creek downstream of Highway NN| PDF 874 KB|
06/25/2006:  RLPOA 09/17/2006 Meeting Minutes PDF 22 KB| RLPOA 2006 Financial Information PDF 419 KB| Up to $10,000 +/- 20% approved for baseline aquatic vegetation study of Round Lake|
06/24/2006:  RLPOA Inc. associated with Couderay Waters Land Trust, Inc.|
06/24/2006:  RLPOA Inc. is now a 501(c)(3) non profit corporation and all dues and donations may be tax deductible.
06/23/2006:  All users should read Privacy & User Policy|
06/20/2006:  Wisconsin v. Baker 698 F .2d 1323 PDF 124 KB| Case Summary PDF 236 KB| United States Court of Appeals Seventh Circuit in 1982/83.  Case establishes exclusive sovereignty over all navigable waters in and contingent to reservations to the state (WI).  Case dealt mainly with hunting and fishing rights of non LCO members/public but could have wider ramifications in reference to water levels.
06/09/2006:  Jim Hausman provided Round Lake Water Level Documents.
06/08/2006:  Round Lake Management Meeting June 22, 2006 at 9AM at Sawyer County Courthouse in the Assembly Room.
06/07/2006:  RLPOA Association Meeting June 24, 2006 at 9AM at Round Lake Township Hall. More Info PDF 145 KB|
06/07/2006:  Richardson Bay channel markers have solar lights this year and Hinton may get them too.
06/07/2006:  Round Lake Management Meeting June 1, 2006 Documents| 1941 Water Level Order PDF 318 KB| Montgomery Associates Proposal PDF 1.51 MB| Meeting Summary coming soon|
06/05/2006:  Lakes Forum Meeting Summary from Sawyer Co. Record.  PDF 441 KB|
05/20/2006:  Round Lake Beaches made by an old timer PDF 812 KB|
05/12/2006:  County Seeks engineering study of Round Lake water system Sawyer Co. Record article PDF 207 KB|
05/11/2006:  Milfoil outbreaks (Leder Bay 10+ acres in size) to be treated on Big Round Lake this spring for several thousand dollars.
05/10/2006:  Sawyer County Lakes Forum sets spring meeting 9AM to noon Saturday May 13, 2006 at Comfort Suites on Highway B in Hayward.  More Information from Sawyer County Record PDF 160 KB|
04/29/2006:  Round Lake Management Meeting 4/27/2006-DNR Documents (aquatic plants, hydrology for Round & Osprey Lakes) distributed at meeting.  PDF 1.14 MB| More information|
04/28/2006:  Round Lake burglars caught| Sawyer County Record Article PDF 156 KB|
04/21/2006:  Round Lake Management Meeting scheduled for April 27 9AM to Noon at Peter Larson Room in LCO Tribal Administration Office at 13394W Trepania Rd.  Agenda is to review sub group reports.  More Info|
04/21/2006:  Tiger Cat Property Owners reported to overwhelmingly "informally" vote to remove Lake Placid Diversion Dam from Tiger Cat Flowage to Round Lake.
04/20/2006:  Famous Dave (David W. Anderson) residential Round Lake garage destroyed by fire ? arson| Sawyer County Record article PDF 149 KB| Burglars caught-Sawyer County Record Article PDF 156 KB|
04/20/2006:  Inland fishing season opens May 6. Wisconsin DNR Outdoor Calendar|
04/20/2006:  Possible tax break for wetland owners| Wisconsin Wetland Association Tax Guide PDF 518 KB| Wisconsin Wetland Association|
04/14/2006:  ICE OUT essentially complete on Big Round Lake.
04/12/2006:  Little Round & Richardson Bay ICE OUT| Photo 1 Richardson Bay| Photo 2 Richardson Bay|
03/23/2006:  Official 03/09/2006 Round Lake Management Meeting Minutes & list of study subgroups-PDF 69 KB| Next meeting 04/27/2006 from 9AM to Noon| More Information|
03/14/2006:  Hayward School cancelled 03/13/2006 & 03/14/2006 because of blizzard |Photo|.  Up to 18-24" of snow in some areas. Sawyer County Record Article PDF 130 KB|
03/13/2006:  Biggest snow storm of year with blizzard type conditions and over 1.5 foot of snow. Photo1| Photo2| Photo3| Photo4|
03/10/2006:  Round Lake Management Meeting 03/09/2006 Summary PDF 20KB| Round Lake Water Level History PDF 517KB| More Information| Official Minutes PDF 69 KB|
03/09/2006:  Spring melt begins with 50 degrees+ Fahrenheit temperatures and sunny conditions.
03/06/2006:  Round Lake Management Meeting <More Info> starting at 9AM on 03/09/2006 at LCO tribal Administration Office in the Peter Larson Room.  Location is:
13394 W Trepania Rd, Hayward, WI 54843
03/06/2006:  3" of snow augment snow levels. 
03/02/2006:  4" of new snow cause peak snow levels for season so far.
02/20/2006:  Carthel Engineering Water Level Report Dec. 2002.  PDF 1.2MB
02/18/2006:  Round Lake Management Meeting Official Minutes. PDF 24KB| More Information
02/18/2006:  -28 degrees Fahrenheit coldest day of winter.
02/05/2006:  February 5, 2006 Round Lake Photo Slide Show.
02/05/2006:  Normal winter conditions with good snow cover return to Round Lake.  Photo
02/01/2006:  Several inches of new snow Tuesday night and early Wednesday.  Photo
01/30/2006:  Couple inches of fresh powder snow and dropping temperatures (Sunday/Monday AM) restore "normal" winter snow conditions to Round Lake.
01/28/2006:  Round Lake Management Meeting Summary (PDF 26KB) held on 01/26/2006-Photo| More info| Next meeting 03/09/2006 ?
01/28/2006:  Rainy sleet, 3" wet snow (Saturday/Sunday) & above freezing temperatures/sun (Friday) causing slushy, icy conditions on Round Lake. Photo1| Photo2| Photo3| Photo4|
01/24/2006:  Jack Ardoyno will be official RLPOA Inc. Representative at Round Lake Management Meetings with County, DNR, & LCO etc. on 01/26/2006 and in Feb. of 2006. Please let him know of any issues that you want represented.  More Info.
01/24/2006:  Receive Latest News emails.  Submit your email address to with "Latest News" as subject.
01/24/2006:  Light  new snow & high winds (40mph gusts) causing drifting & "white out" on Round Lake. Photo
01/22/2006:  New Picture Archive will have every photo posted on this website. 
01/19/2006:  4-6" of new snow on Round Lake this morning.  Photo 01/21/2006.
01/15/2006:  Famous Dave's Fly In successful with 40 to 50 planes + despite high winds from SE.  Photos click here.
01/11/2006:  Round Lake Management Meeting scheduled for 01/26/2006 9AM-Noon at Famous Dave's Restaurant.   Members should communicate to RLPOA Inc. representatives (RLPOA Inc. Contact List) any comments & or concerns they have and want represented.  More Info click here.
01/05/2006:  7th Annual Famous Dave's Fly-In Sunday 01/15/2006.  PDF 281KB

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