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Present were representatives from the DNR, Sawyer

County, LCO Tribe, Round Lake Property Owners Association,

Jim Hausman, UW Extension, Sawyer County Record.

John Hirschfeld

Introductions were done by going around the room.


An outline for Ground Rules was established:

-Avoid speaking when someone else is speaking.

-Avoid personal attacks or accusations.

-Respect other people’s opinions.

-Do not rehash the lawsuit.

-Respect others and allow them the time and opportunity

 to speak.

-Focus on the issue – not the person.


Decision Making Process.

It was determined that consensus would be used in the

Decision making process.  However, no actual decision

Will come out of these meetings.  The intent of the meetings

is to bring to the public some sort of resolution regarding the

lake water levels.  All final decisions will be made by the

Sawyer County Board, DNR, State of Wisconsin or some

other governing board.  Furthermore, the LCO Treaty Rights

are of paramount importance and they must agree also.


The group’s goal is to bring forth a proposal for a management

Plan to bring to the public.  Code requirements must be met.

Tom Duffy questioned the rights of the county because of

Treaty rights.  Does DNR “trump” the treaty rights?


The culvert on “NN” was brought up in relation to the treaty rights.

The DNR is going to be working on getting an answer regarding

Treaty rights.  No plan can go ahead if treaty rights are not taken

Into consideration and are unknown.


Per Mic Isham, “The tribe is against lowering Round Lake.

Other tribe members are against the lowering of the culvert on “NN”,

They don’t want to touch the culvert.  ACT 31 – the state is not discussing the

Treaty rights.”


The issue for some is “controlling” Round Lake levels and not

Necessarily “lowering” the lake levels.  Lake levels are only one

Component of lake management.



-Culverts “NN”

  Treaty rights need to be identified and who owns the road,

  Is it in reservation boundaries, tribe wants Round Lake to stay

  where it is, tribe does not want Round Lake lowered.

-Lake Level on Osprey Lake

-Bridge and Dam

-Tiger Cat Lake Levels

-Impervious Surface Water Runoff

 Per Dale Olson from Sawyer County, the large impervious

 Surface around Round Lake has had greater run-off issues.


Sawyer County has petitioned the DNR for direction regarding

The lake level.  The DNR has not given direction to Sawyer County

And the DNR requested that the petition be dropped while these

Issues are being hammered out.  Sawyer County, Shirley Reidman

would not agree to drop the petition.  The County stated they

urgently need water level guidelines.

(Mr. Jim Hausman has advised us that the above paragraph is incorrect and should read as follows: "DNR  has given some direction to Sawyer Count in reference to the culverts at Highway NN.  DNR did not request that this petition be dropped.  Shirley Riedman asked what if Sawyer Count would withdraw the petition and DNR stated that Sawyer County would be in violation of its settlement agreement with Hausman."


“Ceded Treaty” – the State has an obligation to notify the tribe.

Water levels must be consulted with the tribe per Mic Isham.

The county culverts put in on “NN” were put in by the county

and are regulated with the county without the tribe’s consultation.

The tribes have their own determination and don’t go by

State Statutes.

Again, who is the regulatory authority, the tribe or the state?


The Chippewa Flowage has a Lake Management Plan and that

Is going to be studied to see if it could be used as a template for Round Lake.  The Chippewa Flowage model plan is an award

Winning plan recognized by Harvard.


Other questions and issues raised:


Is the Round Lake homeowner’s opinion taken into account?

Should nature be allowed to do it’s thing? 

Can County “NN” culvert sit as it is without doing anything for 6 months?

    Per Frank Dallam/DNR, “It will be in violation of Chapter 31.)

    However the DNR has enforcement discretion.

Tiger Cat Flowage.

Existing Structures to control water – are they satisfactory?

Water levels affect property rights of owners (set back requirements,

Conforming structures vs. non-conforming). 

There used to be a lot more beaches on lake before level was artificially raised decades ago.


For the next meeting, it has been requested to have maps showing

The reservation boundaries, public and private ownership.  The

Watershed boundary map. 


Hydraulic Reports (Mr. Hausman had these done, but comment was

Made that they were done for a private party for his private purposes

And should be viewed with a critical eye as to the purpose they


Mr. Jim Hausman has advised us that the above paragraph is incorrect and should read as follows: " Mr. Dollum from DNR made a  statement that Barr Engineering has all of this in their reports where I jumped in and reminded Mr. Dollum that they are copyrighted and protected and that Sawyer County and DNR cannot use my engineering data without my written consent.

Funding?  How and who will pay for this work.  Can a grant be

Applied for?


If a lake management plan is to be implemented, many studies

Will be required (i.e. invasive species, rice, erosion, impervious

Surface, etc.)


Who else should be included in the meetings?


Tiger Cat Association

Jim Zorn

Osprey Lake Lake Association (Do they have a board?)

Round Lake Association (It was requested that the Round Lake

  Property Owners Association appoint one representative.)

Note takers – can this job be passed around or can someone

  Do it on a consistent basis?




Agenda for Next Meeting:

-Review sample plans of other lake management plans.

-Develop mission statement and goal for management plan.

-Review historical summary of water levels.  Survey readings

  From 1940’s to present.



Thursday, January 26, 2006 (Scheduled/location to be determined

   Prior to meeting).  The DNR conference room was a bit small.

Thursday, February 23, 2006 (Tentative Date/Birkie Week)



DISCLAIMER:  These notes were taken by Sue Kintzinger who

Is not a professional secretary but tried to take as many notes

As possible.  Several items were discussed multiple times and

I tried not to duplicate those items above.  Thank you.

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