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Low water information from The Lake Tides.

08/02/2013:  RLPOA thanks Jean Hamill & family for $2000.0 donation!  Hamill family statement.
03/02/2013:  Eau Claire Leader-Telegram article concerning drilling for metals 04/08/1974 Tiger Cat Flowage area.

01/24/2013:  Jack Ardoyno obituary.

10/13/2010:  Helm family comments on County B & Round Lake Marina dredging.

08/20/2010:  Mic Isham LCO letter to Sawyer County Record.

01/30/2008:  "Low Lake Levels in Northern WI..." by John Lenters from The Lake Connection winter 2007 (Wisconsin Association of Lakes) 

11/10/2007: Analysis & Opinion of what has happened concerning Round Lake Management Options.

10/24/2007:  Round Lake resident comments on public boat landing deteriorating from low water.

10/10/2007:  David A. Andersen former RLPOA Board obituary.

08/10/2007:  RLPOA request to WDNR concerning Frank Dallam

08/02/2007:  RLPOA response to Sawyer Co. Record article August 1, 2007.

06/21/2007:  Analysis of Sawyer County Carlson Dam Management PDF 44 KB

05/24/2007:  Al Reinemann letter to Sawyer County Record.  PDF 454 KB

04/26/2007:  Response to County Minutes of Round Lake Management Meeting on April 26, 2007.

04/15/2007: Placid Diversion Canal Photos. PDF 1.96 MB| Microsoft Word

04/06/2007: Osprey Lake Property Owners' Assoc. opinion on new proposed development on Osprey Lake. 

03/29/2007: Fred Zietlow Round Lake Water Level Position and analysis.

01/04/2007: Neighborhood Watch Reminder by RLPOA member Sue K. PDF 10KB

12/29/2006: Lovejoy Lake Sawyer Co. Record opinion letter.  PDF 284KB

10/11/2006: Round Lake Water Level Continues to go down and Downstream Obstructions PDF 562 KB|

08/24/2006: Round Lake Water Level Scales, Flood Elevations & Gauges PDF 14 KB|

06/14/2006: Round Lake not at normal levels from Sawyer Co. Record PDF 272 KB|

05/20/2006: Round Lake Beaches made by an old timer PDF 821 KB|

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