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04/10/2012:  WDNR new pier notice| new pier law notice| pier checklist| pier planner|
06/14/2011:  WDNR Notice concerning Boating Enforcement on Round Lake.
Wisconsin Waterway and Wetland Handbook  PDF 723 KB
New Boater Safety Law 2007  PDF 82 KB
Wisconsin Public Trust Doctrine PDF 44 KB
Wisconsin Dam Regulations PDF 88 KB
Sawyer County Zoning Information & Regulations 
Wisconsin Sawyer County Waterfront Permit Contacts| PDF 83 KB
Pier Information & Regulations Latest Pier Rules  05/2008
Boating Regulations|  PDF 624 KB
Wisconsin Wetland Association| Wisconsin Wetland Association Tax Guide|
Snowmobile Regulations|  PDF 71KB
Fishing Regulations 2008/09| WI DNR PDF 894 KB
WI DNR Licenses, Permits, Regulations and Registrations|  PDF 131KB
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