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1941 PSC Order
RLPOA Inc. Articles of Incorporation| Tax Exempt Status 501 (3) (c)| RLPOA Membership numbers


12/29/2005:  RLPOA Articles of Incorporation Documents & Bylaws.  Low Resolution PDF 1.37MB
12/29/2005:  RLPOA Articles of Incorporation Documents & Bylaws.  High Resolution PDF 3.67MB
01/21/2008:  RLPOA Engineering Reports and analysis:  Concerning Dam Abandonment| County new Dam Proposal
09/05/2007:  Round Lake Water Level Defense Fund
07/26/2007:  RLPOA Compromise Water level Proposal.
10/08/2006:  RLPOA Water Level Position established at 09/23/2006 General Membership Meeting PDF 11 KB| Jim Hausman assigns, copyright, title and ownership of Barr Engineering reports, research and legal documents to RLPOA on 7/22/07.

Round Lake Lawsuit Information| Donation Agreement| Copyright Transfer

07/26/2007:  RLPOA comprehensive Round Lake water management proposal.

Round Lake Facts & Information PDF 12 KB

Barr Engineering response to RLPOA engineering questions.  PDF 451 KB

Barr Engineering Report: low resolution 8.393 MB PDF| high resolution 29MB

Barr County Highway NN & Flood Analysis (incomplete report): high resolution 28MB PDF; low resolution 9MB PDF.  This download is missing about 100 pages of supporting data and graphs which are available on the HEC-1 downloads.

Barr County Highway NN & Round Lake Flood Analysis HEC-1: high resolution part one 25 MB, part two 29 MB; low resolution 22MB PDF

Sawyer County Petition Concerning Round Lake 06/02/2004

Map of Sawyer County Board of Supervisors that represent Round Lake.

Round Lake Property Owners Board of Directors & Contacts

Board of Director Meeting Minutes:  04/23/2008| 05/17/2008|  08/27/2008| 09/24/2008| 10/04/2008| 06/01/2009| 10/02/2009|

RLPOA General Meeting Minutes:  09/17/2005| 06/24/2006| 09/23/2006| 05/26/2007| June 21, 2008| 10/04/2008| June 27, 2009| June 19, 2010| October 16,2010| September 24, 2011

RLPOA 5/31/2006 Financial Information| July 31, 2006 Financials| March 31, 2007 Balance Sheet| May 31, 2007 Financials| April 2009| April 2012|

RLPOA Inc. Affiliations:  Wisconsin Association of Lakes|  UW Extension Lakes Program|  RLPOA UW Extension Listing PDF 72KB|  WAL Lake Links PDF 75KB| Couderay Waters Regional Land Trust, Inc.| Sawyer County Lakes ForumWalleyes for Northwest WI|

Wisconsin Wetland Association| Wetland Tax Guide PDF 518 KB|

Invasive Species Information: http://dnr.wi.gov/invasives/| http://dnr.wi.gov/invasives/aquatic/www.invadingspecies.com Harmony Environmental Letter 5/07

Round Lake Water Level Information|  1941 PSC Order| Hausman Water Level  Documents Round Lake Lawsuit Information| Barr Highway NN & Flood analysis (incomplete report): high resolution 38MB PDF; low resolution 13MB PDF Barr Engineering Report: high resolution 29MB| low resolution 9MB|  Barr Highway NN & Round Lake Flood Analysis HEC-1: high resolution 54MB PDF|   RLPOA engineering work on Dam Abandonment RLPOA Engineering work on New Dam proposal
06/03/2016:  WDNR approves Little Round Lake Dam abandonment and rescission of 1941 PSC Water Level Order - WDNR Letter 
06/04/2014:  Little Round Carlson Dam abandonment and 1941 PSC Order Recession Public Hearing June 13, 2014.
11/24/2013:  Flash Back: County Board unanimously approves in 2007 then effectively rejects 13 to 3 in 2012 basically same low water weir "active" management on Round Lake.  2007 Land & Water Conservation Committee recommends $175,000 for potential Little Round Lake Dam project.  OPINION: What happened?  One thing that happened was that this website was asked by RLPOA to not post anything on water issue since mid 2010 unless approved by RLPOA water committee particularly if considered disagreeable to County or in their opinion controversial - the RLPOA policy seemed to be significantly concentrated on lets get along and be civil & respectful. This website did reluctantly comply and in our opinion County concentrated on internal County Board politics without any effective public opposition or concern of adverse repercussions by opposing RLPOA.  This is one of the main reasons that this website is now completely independent & RLPOA is going to get their own official website www.roundlakes.org  The above 180 degrees opposite Sawyer County Board votes show the net result of this RLPOA policy since 2010.  Time and the NN culverts was used to delay and ultimately obviate implementation of first 2007 County board vote by Land & Water/Zoning Committee non elected official.   What about high water protection?  In this website's opinion there does not appear to be any and even at current elevation 1345.63 at Carlson Dam essentially nothing is flowing downstream thru dam which means that there are new downstream obstructions in addition to the historic beaver dam at elevation 1345.3.  As bad as drought was high water in future may even be worse.   Apparently Round Lake will have a future with neither low or high water mitigation efforts.  This website invites all opinions on this and any issue concerning Round Lake.
12/12/2012:  RLPOA Membership Brief concerning Water Level Issue.  PDF 1.47MB
10/27/2012:  Sawyer County postpones decision on Round Lake Dam.  Sawyer County Record Article.
10/18/2012:  Sawyer County Record:  County, Round Lake shoreowners at odds over water
10/16/2012:  Zoning & Conservation Minutes Oct. 10, 2012 "A written recommendation drafted by the Round Lake Chain Taskforce was submitted to the Committee indicating that the taskforce recommends the replacement of the Carlson Road Bridge, removing the existing dam and replacing it with a concrete box culvert or similar structure and to also request that the DNR rescind the 1941 order."   Motion carried and sent to Sawyer County Board 10/18/2012.
03/23/2012:  WDNR approves grant proposal to monitor Round Lake system with pictured boards in Carlson Dam.  Cooperative effort involving Sawyer County, WDNR, Osprey Lake Property Owner's Association and RLPOA.
12/20/2011:  Zoning & Conservation Committee moves Round Lake Dam Abandonment forward to finance committee and County Board.  Task 1. voted to move forward November 2011 and confirmed December 2011.
10/20/2011:  Sawyer Co. Record:  County seeks permit to replace Little Round Lake Dam.
10/20/2011:  Sawyer County Zoning & Conservation Minutes:  Oct 12, 2011| Sep. 7, 2011
04/16/2011:  Latest Sawyer County water management proposal.
02/17/2011:  Sawyer Co. Record:  County Workgroup advises replacing Little Round Lake Dam.
02/09/2011:  Sawyer County Zoning & Conservation Group  Round Lake unofficial  "recommendations".
12/16/2010:  Clarification and correction on Oridinary High Water Mark Round Lake - Sawyer Co. Land & Water Committee Minutes December 9, 2010.
11/08/2010:  RLPOA & Sawyer County settlement end TRO lawsuit.
10/21/2010:  Placid Diversion Canal Public Informational Hearing Sawyer Co. Record Article.
10/16/2010:  RLPOA General Membership Meeting supports TRO and approves additional legal funding.  Purdin water control summary.
09/19/2010:  Sawyer County Land & Water Conservation Committee Minutes September 9, 2010.
08/08/2010:  RLPOA INFO on Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) Strachota letter to RLPOA - second letter| Strachota affidavit| WDNR affidavit| Motion for TRO| Sawyer County Complaint| TRO| Kollodge comments| Tyson comments
08/03/2010:  Sawyer County March 2008 Round Lake plan.
07/30/2010:  RLPOA obtains Temporary Restraining Order against Sawyer County proposed NN culvert transfer to LCO.  RLPOA wants comprehensive Round Lake water management.
07/27/2010:  WDNR 2005 overview letter WDNR 2010 NN culvert letter|
05/15/2010:  Barr Engineering explains Round Lake elevations and "local datum".
03/31/2010:  RLPOA response to proposed Placid Canal/Dam abandonment.  Microsoft word unsigned version
03/09/2010:  WDNR Placid Canal/Dam mailing to RLPOA.
03/05/2010:  Placid Diversion Canal & WDNR review article from Sawyer County Record.
03/14/2008:  County Application status and WDNR response from Sawyer County Record.
02/28/2008:  NN culvert and Placid Diversion Canal Permit Information.
02/07/2008:  Round Lake Core Sedimentation Study  PDF 586KB
01/31/2008:  Sawyer County NN Culvert Permit Information.  PDF 7.26MB
01/21/2008:  RLPOA engineering report on new dam proposal.
01/09/2008:  Hausman letter offering donation to Sawyer County 2002
01/09/2008:  1941 PSC Order & Carthel Engineering Report 12/2002
12/16/2007:  Applications going to WDNR and Land & Water Conservation Minutes 12/6/07.
11/25/2007:  Sawyer County applies for permits for Round Lake projects.
11/08/2007:  LCO Tribe and Navigable Waters
11/02/2007:  SEH November 2007 Dam Report PDF 5.42MB
10/09/2007:  Wisconsin Waterway and Wetland Handbook PDF 723 KB
09/30/2007:  Barr Engineering response to RLPOA engineering questions.  PDF 451 KB
09/26/2007:  Sawyer Co. Record article on Round Lake and Board meeting 9/20/07.
09/19/2007:  Sawyer Co. Record article about committee and full board.
08/11/2007:  Round Lake Dam Classification Information| Datum Conversion Info| Nancy Dent Barr Engineering Deposition| Carthel Engineer Deposition; Volume 2| Dale Olson Deposition County Conservationist| Frank Dallam DNR Deposition|
08/11/2007:  Sawyer County Petition to review Round Lake Order.
08/10/2007:  RLPOA request to WDNR concerning Frank Dallam's role in Round Lake Task Force.
08/06/2007:  Land & Water Conservation Committee Meeting - County minutes| RLPOA summary| newspaper article
08/06/2007:  RLPOA Engineering work proposal to County.
07/26/2007:  RLPOA comprehensive Round Lake water management proposal|  Newspaper article County Minutes.
07/22/2007:  Jim Hausman assigns copyright, title and ownership to RLPOA of his Barr Engineering Reports, research and legal documents.  Donation Agreement.
07/21/2007:  Round Lake Informational  Meeting Videos-County site. 
07/17/2007:  Public Informational Meeting Summaries by Sawyer County: June 29,2007| July 6, 2007 Meeting Highlights by RLPOA.
06/29/2007:  DNR response to RLPOA concerning  Placid Diversion Canal abandonment.
06/27/2007:  LCO Treaties: 1854| 1855.
06/21/2007:  Public Information Meeting Newspaper article.
06/06/2007:  RLPOA letter to DNR opposing Placid Diversion Canal Abandonment.
05/17/2007:  Sawyer Co. Board Meeting Summary.
05/17/2007:  Tom Duffy County Attorney contacts RLPOA on behalf of County Board member Fred Zietlow and says that Mr. Zietlow has not taken an official position on Round Lake Water Level issue and is waiting for more information and review.  It is still the opinion of RLPOA that Mr. Zietlow is not in favor of the RLPOA Water Level Position or "active management". 
05/17/2007:  Mic Isham of LCO Tribe letter to Sawyer Co. Record.
05/15/2007:  Meeting Minutes Land & Water Conservation Committee May 7, 2007.
04/18/2007:  RLPOA Water Level Special Mailing PDF 261 KB printer version.
04/18/2007:  Sawyer County Board approves $2500 for more SEH Engineering consultation.
04/15/2007:  Placid Diversion Canal Photos.  PDF 1.96 MB| Microsoft Word
04/11/2007:  Sawyer County Land & Water Conservation Committee meeting minutes 4/5/07 address Round Lake water level, LCO position, SEH Engineering, and Lake Placed Dam Abandonment etc. PDF 22 KB
03/31/2007:  Preview of upcoming Special Water Level MailingPDF 70 KB
03/29/2007:  SEH recommendation article in Sawyer County Record.  PDF 460 KB
03/23/2007:  SEH Hydraulic Controls Evaluation March 2007 recommends a new 30' dam or weir PDF 16.MB  RLPOA Partner Statement is going to be rewritten based on new information in this SEH Report.
03/14/2007:  RLPOA official "Partner" statment to be inserted into Round Lake Chain Managemnet Plan Document.  PDF attachments referred to in "Partner" statement: Position Paper| RLPOA letter to Sawyer Co.| RLPOA letter to Co. lawyer| Water Level Certificate
02/01/2007:  SEH Engineering Study presented at Round Lake Management Meeting 1/25/07.  SEH Engineering Study PDF 3.3 MB│  SEH Engineering Report using Power Point 46.5 MB.
01/25/2007:  Round lake Chain Management Plan presented at meeting on 1/25/07 meeting-recommends passive system.  PDF 940 KB
01/25/2007:  Wisconsin Dam Regulations.  PDF 88 KB
01/16/2007:  Preliminary Round Lake Management Plan Draft (subject to change)
11/04/2006:  Sawyer Co. Record Round Lake article 11/01/2006 concerning engineering study|
10/08/2006:  RLPOA Water Level Position established at 09/23/2006 General Membership Meeting PDF 11 KB|
10/07/2006:  Sawyer Co. Record Round Lake Article Index PDF 158 KB|
09/26/2006:  1941 PSC Public Servic Commission of Wisconsin Order concerning Round Lake Water Level PDF318 KB|
09/26/2006:  Carlson Bridge/Dam & Osprey Creek Photos on 09/26/2006 PDF 914 KB| Round Lake Downstream Obstructions PDF 562 KB|
08/24/2006:  Round lake Water Level Technical Committee Meeting Minutes June of 2006 PDF 814 KB|
08/18/2006:  Sawyer Co. Record Round Lake Water Level article| PDF 216 KB|
07/23/2006:  Updated RLPOA Inc. Water Level Certificate PDF 9 KB| Water Level Certificate Cover Letter PDF 10 KB|
06/27/2006:  DNR aerial photos of Squaw Creek downstream of Highway NN| PDF 874 KB|
06/20/2006:  Wisconsin v. Baker 698 F 2d 1323 case details PDF 124 kb | Case Summary PDF 236 KB| US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.  Navigable Water Level Sovereignty vested to state of WI.
06/09/2006:  Jim Hausman provided Round Lake Water Level Documents.
06/01/2006:  Montgomery Associates Proposal PDF 1.51MB|
05/12/2006:  County seeks engineering study of Round Lake water system Sawyer Co. Record article PDF 207 KB|
04/27/2006:  DNR Hydrology/Aquatic Plant Documents presented at Round Lake Management Meeting PDF 1.14 MB|
03/09/2006:  Round Lake Water Level History Document presented at Management Meeting on 03/09/2006.  PDF 517KB
02/20/2006:  Carthel  Engineering Water Level Report Dec. 2002. PDF 1.2MB
12/26/2005:  RLPOA Inc. Official Water Level Statement  PDF 9KB
12/14/2005:  Sawyer Co. Record Article PDF 232 KB|
12/01/2005:  Hausman Sawyer Co. Settlement article from Sawyer Co. Record PDF 273 KB

Round Lake Management Meeting Information

11/08/2007:  Round Lake Task Force Meeting Summary by RLPOA Sawyer Co Record

09/13/2007:  Newspaper article about Land & Water Conservation Committee Meeting.

08/06/2007:  Land & Water Committee Meeting Impression by RLPOA and engineering letter presented by RLPOA| Newspaper Article| County authored minutes.

07/26/2007 Meeting:  RLPOA presents comprehensive Round Lake water management plan to protect ecology, public access and property values.  County appears to support incompletely studied short sighted "passive plan"|  Newspaper article County Minutes.

07/06/2007:  Public Meeting Question Summaries by Sawyer County: June 29,2007| July 6, 2007 Videos Public Meeting Highlights by RLPOA.

04/19/2007 Meeting:  RLPOA Meeting Summary: PDF 32 KB| Microsoft Word| County summary/minutes| Website Administrator Response to County Minutes.

03/22/2007 Meeting:  Meeting Summary PDF 24 KB| SEH Engineering Report March 2007 PDF 16.3 MB| right click on link to save file| Sawyer County Record article PDF 460KB

01/25/2007 Meeting:  Round Lake Chain Management Plan presented at meeting on 1/25/07-still recommends passive system.   Meeting Summary PDF 16 KB Sawyer County Record article 2/1/07 PDF 208 KB.

10/26/2006 Meeting:  Sawyer Co. Record Article Article PDF 200 KB

09/28/2006 Meeting:  This meeting is at DNR offices 9-12AM| Sawyer Co Record Article|

09/14/2006 Meeting:  Next meeting at DNR offices 1-4 PM|

08/24/2006 Meeting:  Meeting Minutes by RLPOA web administration PDF 22 KB|

08/09/2006 Meeting:  Meeting Minutes PDF 237 KB|

06/29/2006 Water Level Technical Committee Meeting: June 21 and June 29,2006 Water Level Meeting Minutes PDF 814 KB|

06/22/2006 Meeting:  Scheduled for 9AM at Sawyer County Courthouse. DNR photos of Squaw Creek downstream of NN PDF 874 KB| Official Meeting Minutes PDF 14 KB|

06/01/2006 Meeting:  Documents presented at meeting: 1941 Water Level Order PDF 318 KB| Montgomery Associates Proposal PDF 1.51 MB|  Summary coming soon|

04/27/2006 Meeting:  Next meeting scheduled for April 27, 2006 from 9AM to Noon at  Peter Larson Room in LCO Tribal Administration Office at 13394W Trepania Rd.

13394 W Trepania Rd, Hayward, WI 54843

DNR Documents distributed at 4/27/06 Meeting on aquatic plants, hydrology on Round & Osprey Lakes.  PDF 1.14 MB|

03/09/2006 Meeting:  Official Minutes and list of study subgroups| Round Lake Management Meeting on 03/09/2006 Summary PDF 20KB| Round Lake Water Level History PDF 517KB| Walleye fishing harvest report presented at meeting PDF 97KB|

03/09/2005 Meeting:  Next Round Lake Management Meeting scheduled for 03/09/2006 at 9AM at The LCO Tribal Administration Office in the Peter Larson Room.  Location is: 

03/09/2006 Meeting agenda is: 1.  Review Timelines; 2.  Review history/background, identify gaps and where that info exists; 3.  Define sub-groups, work objectives and products; 4.  Define project boundaries; 5.  Water level exercise.  The public is welcome and there may be volunteer projects particularly for the Lake Associations.

01/26/2006 Meeting:  Official Meeting Minutes PDF 24KB| RLPOA Meeting Summary PDF 26KB| Photo| Meeting Agenda| Possible Lake Management Plan Outline| Ground Rules|

Round Lake Management Meeting Scheduled for 01/26/2006 9AM-Noon at Famous Dave's Restaurant. Kris Tiles Basin Educator-Upper Chippewa University of Wisconson-Extension is the meeting coordinator.  The major participants are WI DNR, LCO, LCO Conservation  GLIFWC, Sawyer County/LCD, Tiger Cat Flowage, Round Lake, Osprey Lake, and Sawyer Co. Record.  Other interested parties are welcome to attend mainly as observers and sitting at edge of room- with possible opportunity to comment at end of meeting.  RLPOA Inc. has two representatives - John Ardoyno (spokesperson) seawind@centurytel.net & Sue Kintzinger sek@centurytel.net (taking notes).  University of Wisconsin Extension is the moderator and wants to have a manageable working group.  There may be additional committees for volunteers and there will be at some point solicitation of public input before the final recommendation is made.  Round Lake owners or interested parties should contact these representatives with any comments or concerns or any Board member on RLPOA Contact List.

12/09/2005 Meeting:  Sawyer Co. Record Article| Minutes by RLPOA Inc.| Official Meeting Minutes| Ground Rules|

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