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Sawyer Co. Record January 2007 Search Index1 PDF 144 KB

Sawyer Co. Record January 2007 Search Index2 PDF 261KB

Sawyer Co. Record October 2006 Search Index PDF 159KB

Sawyer County Record 2015 Articles

04/04/2015:  Famous Dave Restaurant Article

Sawyer County Record 2014 Articles

07/01/2014:  Sawyer County Record Dam/41 Order abandonment public hearing article.
07/01/2014:  Sawyer County Record "High" Water article.
Plans Continue for Little Round Lake Dam Replacement

Sawyer County Record 2013 Articles

05/02/2013:  Over a foot of snow

Sawyer County Record 2012 Articles

11/21/2012:  County Board votes to rescind 41 Order and replace dam with culvert.  Sawyer Co. Record Article
11/15/2012:  County Board rejects RLPOA compromise.  From Sawyer County Record.
10/27/2012:  Sawyer County postpones decision on Round Lake Dam.  Sawyer County Record Article.
10/18/2012:  Sawyer County Record:  Peninsula Road Burglar sentenced
10/18/2012:  Sawyer County Record:  County, Round Lake shoreowners at odds over water
07/10/2012:  Potential Blue Green Algae warning from Sawyer County Record.
10/07/2012:  Muskies stocked in Round Lake from Sawyer County Record.

Sawyer County Record 2011 Articles

10/26/2011:  Sawyer Co. Record:  Sawyer Co. Board adopts shoreland ordinance.
10/20/2011:  County seeks permit to replace Little Round Dam
09/18/2011:  Highway NN culverts are lowered
02/17/2011:  Sawyer Co. Record:  County Workgroup advises replacing Little Round Lake Dam.
07/28/2011:  Sawyer Co. Record report on NN culverts and Placid Diversion Canal.

Sawyer County Record 2010 Articles

RLPOA & Sawyer County TRO Settlement & OHWM
Placid Diversion Canal Public Hearing Oct 2010
RLPOA Offers Olive branch to County
LCO intervenes in RLPOA legal action concerning NN culverts
Round Lake Narrows Dredging
Round Lake Seeks Temporary Restraining Order Against County
Sawyer Co. Board transfers NN culverts to LCO
June 18, 2010 Round Lake "Headaches"
June 16, 2010 Dredging under County B
April 7, 2010 RLPOA opposes Placid Canal Abandonment
March 18 Sawyer County changes NN culvert plan
March 3, 2010 Placid Canal Abandonment & WDNR review
February 17, 2010 Round lake Update from DNR

Sawyer County Record 2009 Articles

Placid Diversion Canal Article August 2009
Lake Placid Canal Article

Sawyer County Record 2008 Articles

County Land & Water Committee learns status of Round Lake watershed projects from DNR..
Lake Placid Canal Closing may not be OK'd by DNR
Round Lake Dam Culprit
Grimh Dam by Radisson harbinger to what can happen to Round Lake
Land & Water Conservation Committee Applications & WDNR
NN culvert and Placid Diversion Canal Permit Information
Osprey Lake "Green" Development approved

Sawyer County Record 2007 Articles

Osprey Lake Development Approved 12/26/2007
Two Men Charged for Round Lake Fire Station Burglary 12/26/07
December 26, 2007 Flood Ordinance Approved
December 13, 2007 DNR Applications
November 20, 2007 County Files for Permits
November 14, 2007 Article
November 8, 2007 Round Lake Task Force Meeting
November 2, 2007 Land & Water Conservation Committee
September 26, 2007 County Board Summary
September 13, 2007 Task Force Meeting
Drought and Forests August 29
Drought and Area Lakes August 29
Drought Lingers August 28
August 6 Land & Water Conservation Committee Recommendations
August 1 Task Force Recommendation
July 11, 2007 Placid Canal Abandonment
July 11, 2007 Public Meeting
June 20, 2007 Round Lake Information Meeting
Placid Diversion Canal Article June 13, 2007
Land & Water Conservation Committee May 7, 2007 Article
Round Lake Management Meeting Summary February 2007
SEH recommendation article March 2007

Sawyer Co. Record 2006 Articles

Blizzard March 2006
Famous Dave Garage Fire April 2006
Burglaries April 2006
Lakes Forum May 6, 2006
Lakes Forum May 13, 2006
Round Lake Engineering Study May 2006
Round Lake Water Level August 2006
Round Lake Owners Accuse County October 2006
Round Lake Task Force November 2006
LoveJoy Lake Editorial December 2006

Sawyer Co. Record 2005 Articles

Hausman and Sawyer Co. Settle July 2005
Board Approves Hausman Lawsuit Settlement July 2005
Groups Seek to Manage Round Lake December 2005

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